Sunday, October 14, 2007

Princess Party!

My oldest princess really is a princess! She was hired to act as Belle from Beauty and the Beast at a birthday party for a 4 yr old girl named Mia. Mia was speachless when she saw that Belle came all the way from Disneyland to be at her birthday party. And she was 100% convinced that Katie was the real Belle! Here are some pictures from the party, Gracie was invited and had a good time too!

The princess costume was an adventure. The party mom asked her to come dressed as any Disney princess. Katie tried on costumes at the costume shop for Snow White and Cinderella and Belle. I've never seen my daughter look so awful in a dress! The costumes just hung on her and she just looked like a girl wearing a cheesy cheap costume. And the wigs weren't very good either; Poor Katie doesn't have the right hair for Snow White or Cinderella. She can't let this little girl down! Mia has an annual pass to Disneyland and she knows what the princesses look like!

So we ran to Walmart to buy fabric since everything else was closed at that hour. By the way, this is the night before the party around 9pm. Luckily, they had a bolt of beautiful golden satin. Whew! Belle will be at the party! We came home and put Baby Princess to bed, Katie ran off with her friends and I was left with a job to do. I laid out the satin on the dining room table, pulled out some patterns for guidance since we didn't have a pattern to work from - I had to piece some old ones together and size it with our best guesses. I worked on it till 1am when Princess Gracie woke up for the first of her night-wakings. (she wakes up 2 or 3 times a night and needs to be fed, snuggled and lulled back to sleep). I went to bed after that. Gracie woke up again at 4am and couldn't get back to sleep till 6am, her next normal waking time. We slept till 7am and then it was back to the piecing together the dress. Between Gracie's demands, and Katie's fussiness about looking perfect, I got the dress done at 12 noon. We grabbed her tiara that she wore to prom last spring, and we were ready! Party in two hours and we had an hour drive to get there!

The neatest thing that happened at the party was Katie's connection with a down's syndrome girl. Jandi does not socialize and prefers to be left alone in her own space, and nobody is allowed to touch her paper and her markers! Nobody until Katie came along dressed as Belle. Not knowing Jandi's personal space issues, Katie was able to interact with Jandi which drew attention from her family. I heard whispers of "Look, she's talking to Belle!" Cameras started coming out. Then a collective gasp from the crowd as Katie took one of her markers and began to color with her. Katie and Jandi drew pictures together and talked together. Tears were being choked back by the grown-ups in the room. Jandi gave Belle a hug and a drawing, Belle gave Jandi a hug back, a drawing and a piece of candy. Katie has a gift with children and her interaction with Jandi was the gift of the day for everyone! Katie was thrilled to pieces after she learned that her interaction with Jandi was a major accomplishment. I'm so proud of her! She has once again been refueled with desire to become a special education teacher. Thank you, Jandi!


Steve and Alicia said...

WOW how much fun!!! Us mom's that can sew get the fun projects and lack of sleep, but it sure does pay off in the end!!!

your girls are getting so BIG!! We will have to meet up when we get back to CA again.

And for your other post! I got kicked out of my Ruby's GI appt. (you know the ones you wait 4+ months for) b/c she was too loud!! yes that blog is coming tonight or tomorrow. Can't wait to write about it. :-)

Great job on the dress!! It's Beautiful!!

Rayne said...

You did a FANTASTIC job on that dress! Supermom all the way!
Your Katie is a precious gift and a wonderful girl.
This entry really made my day.

Manic Mom said...

1. Your daughter is beautiful as Belle!

2.--Jandi is beautiful!

3.--You WHIPPED up that dress?!?! Amazing

4.--I TOTALLY choked up reading this!

What a gift!

Rick said...

Sweet story - great photos. What a fun gig.

onthegomom said...

I loved this post! You did an amazing job on that dress! Your daughter is beautiful and what a heartwarming story!

Thanks so much for the comment on my blog. Ky oldest son graduates this December and is going to go to the local junior college and live at home, as well. Which I am happy about. :) Teenage boys are a trip, but I have to be honest, not looking forward to my youngest one being one, who is a princess as well, she is 10 going on 20.