Thursday, September 13, 2007

Balancing Act

As you know, I'm going to college full time while raising princesses. This is a careful balancing act on my part. I admit it.... I feel like I'm wobbling too far in both directions - like a tight rope walker about to fall. That'd be me; I'm a circus star!

Albeit, a falling star.

I picked up two more classes giving me 18 credits this semester. I don't have time for one credit, let alone 18. I've decided I'm just insane, so what the helk. Rephrasing Forest Gump, Insanity is as insanity does.

This morning I am worrying about my daughter's math test, reading Beowulf, watching Sesame Street, doing dishes and laundry, and letting the toddler out to run through the sprinklers. Forgot what I am reading already. Oh yeah, Calvinist theory as it applies to western literature.

Yesterday, I skipped three classes. Baby Princess had a high fever and she was "exploding". This is her very first illness, aside from vaccine reactions. So, I stayed home most of the day with her. As soon as my frazzled hubby came home and muttered something about working from home tonight on the computer (he's working two jobs and picking up extra hours at one), I grabbed my books and headed out muttering something about diarrhea and drove away before he could respond. Poor daddy. He's overworked but he loves his daddy-daughter time, so it may have been good for both of them. I heard they had some nice snuggle time in the rocking chair.

I hope I can balance mom duties with being a college student. I am sure to be wobbling between the demands of both. Hopefully I won't fall - oh heavens, if I do I just wanna do it gracefully!

I need to go out and buy a vacuum cleaner belt and pick up some African literature from the library. Then we'll come home and watch "Cars". Balancing insanity, that's my plan for today.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

My Flogging

Wow. I'm taking a ton of flack for my latest post. My dictionary style writing where I defined Holiday from a Mom's point of view. Not all here, but on Shoutwire and elsewhere in the cyber world.

Shoutwire shows that this had over 8,000 views. 41 comments and most were flaming me. Granted, most of them are knuckle dragging Neanderthals that frequent that forum, so not much harm done. Two very supportive comments that I really appreciated totally made my day!

My husband wrote a comment on another forum where this post appeared - again, I only posted it here and to my close friends - "She was being sarcastic--so was I. In reality, we share many chores over any holiday. After 24 years together, her sense of humor still really cracks me up." That comment made my heart melt! I love making him laugh! And its true, he does a lot of extra Dad duties on any given holiday.

Let me clarify something... I wrote this on the fly. I didn't mean to offend anyone by it. It's just something I wrote. I didn't write it to be viewed by 8,000 people!

Actually, a friend of mine who is a new mom was commenting on how holidays just aren't what they used to be for her since motherhood adds a new dimension. Holidays are actually a lot of work and very exhausting! I agree whole-heartedly! She wasn't complaining and neither am I. At no time did I ever say I am oppressed by my role as the mom. I am just saying - I'm the mom. Being the mom changes things. IN MY OPINION. And as my humor permits me to view the world, that is what I wrote.

Hey lighten up folks, it's just a post written in fun.

Monday, September 3, 2007


Today is Labor Day, a holiday. This is my definition of holiday:

hol i day
- /noun/

1. a day when the Mom of the family works extra hard as the entire family is home from work and school. Longer hours are expected of the family matriarch.

2. customarily a time of excessive manual labor for every Mom. Extra burdens are sometimes called "family outings" in which the mom plans, organizes, executes, and cleans up after a long day of hauling her family's belongings around an amusement park, beach, or fair on a record-breaking hot day.

3. a holy day in which the family gathers for a feast, a feast prepared solely by the Mom after cleaning the house six times while chasing the children and keeping up with their messes before guests arrive to judge her housekeeping skills, while Dad relaxes in his lazyboy in front of a televised sporting event. The feast is then followed by a bigger mess than ever that Mom alone tackles, as it is a holiday after all.

4. to vacation. A period of travel in which the Mom becomes not only the organizer and beast of burden, but also must extend her holiday duties for days on end without ever eating a healthy meal or sleeping more than 4 hours in a comfortable bed. Added duties are keeping the Dad calm while he is lost and maintaining peace and tranquility between the siblings during long boring travels. Mom also competes in vacation sporting events such as "strapping the children in carseats" and "pump gas, wipe the windows, and take the children into the creepy gas station to pee".

Synonyms for Dad: to take a break, to relax. Synonyms for Mom: slave labor, to loose one's mind, insanity