Sunday, May 31, 2009

Role Model or Dummy? You decide!

Have you heard about Kayne West and his pride on "being a non-reader"? Yup, the guy doesn't like books. Doesn't read. He's a rapper who is well known and there are tons of kids looking up to this guy and his success. So he puts out a statement that he's proud to be a non-reader? What kind of message is that?

This guy went to school. He dropped out of college, which means that he did complete elementary school and high school and somehow managed to get into college. You can't drop out unless you actually got started. How does someone get past the third grade without reading? So.... we know he did read just by knowing that he got into college. Or, did he? Hmmmmmm...?

The guy wrote a book! Can you believe this? He's all proud to be a book basher and he wrote a book? Uh huh. Suuuuuuuure, he did. Yeah. First clue that leads me to think someone else wrote it for him? The title is spelled correctly. It's a rare thing these days to find the word "you're" spelled correctly! It's a personal pet peeve of mine and there are some very intelligent folks out there who can't get it right. Think Kanye knows the difference between your and you're? He might; he might not. Bet his editor does! Reviews do say that the book doesn't have a lot of text, some blank pages, and it is a book of quotes of his profound non-reading wisdom. Wonder if he read his own book?

How sad for the youth who look up to this guy. He might as well walk around whacking little kids with his itty bitty book. And he's really missing a lot of good stuff by not reading. I sure hope the guy doesn't make an impact on the kids who think he's pretty cool. Obviously, he's not thinking about his little fans who could benefit greatly from reading.

Pop Culture suffers a blow. Sad. Sad. Sad.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Feeding Libby - The Video

This is how I feed Libby. She paints with her food and I give her time to become "friendly" with it. This time she painted a beautiful picture on her high chair tray, then she rubbed her eye and got sweet potatoes on her face too. I tried to spoon a bit into her mouth but as you can see, that didn't go well. Plus, Libby has her cheerleader for pickiness on her side.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bridezilla, Gradzilla, Pottyzilla and Boobyzilla

They aren't princesses every day. Lately, they are more monster than they are princess.

Bridezilla. There is only three weeks until her wedding. She has a ton of things to do! She is really feeling the pressure of deadlines now. In the last couple of weeks, she's gotten a lot done! But, there's always more. So very much more! Her bridesmaids, all six of them, don't know how to be bridesmaids! They should be helping her, but these bridesmaids are all pretty young and are not educated in the fine art of bridesmaidery. One of them told her that it is the job of the Mother of the Bride to plan and hostess a Bridal Shower, so go ask your mom when and where it is. This Mother of the Bride wasn't planning on throwing a bridal shower, this MOB was planning to attend one! I don't think the bridesmaids know that I was finishing college, and have 4 kids and a house being redone, and not enough hours in the day! So, they decided that since Katie's mom flipped out and is mean and horrible and isn't supportive of her bride daughter, they felt sorry for her and planned a Bridal Shower. The theme is panties. I'm invited. Hmm, That's what I get for not doing it myself I guess, oh well, it's a bridal shower and that's all that matters at this point. In the meantime, Bridezilla wants me to "help" (meaning do it and she'll let me know how I should have done it better but its fine the way it is) make boutonnieres for the men, find and decorate a garden arch for the ceremony, pick up and set up the cake on wedding day, get bubbles and make the containers all weddingish, teach Gracie how to walk like a flowergirl, and whatever else she can come up with. I should just be ready to jump in and do anything that needs to be done, and why oh why do I have to bring the little girls with me everywhere I go? Geez, Mom!

Gradzilla is extremely apathetic and does all she can to avoid talking about her high school graduation. We don't even have senior pictures done yet! Or announcements! I finally figured this out. Maybe she's avoiding because she isn't going to graduate. Hmmm. So, I called the school counselor in a panic. Sure enough, she's graduating, but she still has time to blow it. We're throwing a graduation party for her the Sunday after graduation. She's not so sure she'll show up. Ha, kid, I'll chain you to the fence, you will be there for your own party! (I won't really, but a mom can threaten) We're having "The Taco Man" cater the party and we'll have Karaoke going on too. We've got about 50 people coming. Of course, they'd all like a graduation announcement, that would be nice. I'm going to make one and use her kindergarten picture. Bet that'll get her to cooperate in a hurry! Her 18th birthday is a week before graduation. She is pretty sure that means Freedom! Little does she know, she lives under my dictatorship! Hahaha!

Pottyzilla is peeing everywhere! What is up with the sudden piddle puddles all over the place! When does the potty training end and accidents become a thing of the past? She's not always in the mood to go potty, sometimes she just cannot be bothered with such nonsense. I'm running out of ideas to motivate her. But, the other day I thought of a good one! I put her baby sister on the potty! And guess what! The baby peed on the potty! Not to be outdone, Gracie suddenly wanted to go too. And she did! The next day, I did it again and baby sister peed on the potty again! Not even 8 months old and she was showing up her big sis. Since then I haven't been lucky enough to get the timing right for a repeat performance, but she got the idea that if the baby can do it, she can too. In the meantime, she's peeing all over the place like a scared puppy. Driving me crazy!

Bobbyzilla still won't eat. She sure enjoys finger painting with her baby food. She loves to let the dog lick it off of her fingers! She gets it everywhere except near her mouth! Oh the faces she makes! We think she has food allergies, but not sure what all is included in her allergies if she really does have them. One day she had baby food bananas, she of course hated it. But she got enough of a taste that she broke out in hives. Another day, she picked up her big sister's banana peel and stuck that in her mouth (because anything on the floor is good to eat!) and she broke out in hives. I'm pretty sure she's allergic to bananas. I asked the pediatrician about her not eating, no desire to eat. She only nurses! The pediatrician said she's 20 lbs, stop worrying. She'll eat someday. And if she isn't eating in a few months we'll have her tested for food allergies. I think I'll have her tested anyway because of the banana reactions.

All four of the girls are busy in their own way. All of them going in their own direction. Busy with their own thing. And there is four of them and only one of me! Yikes! I'm doing my best to keep up as Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Grad, Potty Training Teacher and Breastfeeder Extrodinaire. But lately, I'm more of a monster-tamer in this four-ring circus!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

All in a Day....

Raising princesses is an adventure in chaos.....

This is how Katie tries to enjoy her breakfast. No wonder she's excited to move out soon! She just wants a meal!

Chores? But, I'm only "Fee Yeez Owd". Just when she thought having her own shovel was gonna be so fun! She learns how to clean up after her dog. Hmmm, the parents tricked her again!

Whose 40th Birthday? Why, is that Princess Gracie front and center soaking in the birthday glory? Shock and Awe! It is!!!

Here's a poor capture of a great moment! Even though its blurry, I love the moment!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Getting Girly

I bought make-up! I know, so out of character for me. But, I made a huge investment in the Mary Kay company yesterday; now I'm committed to wearing makeup like a girl! I've been all girled up.

I had to buy the whole she-bang because I don't didn't own anything other than a stick of chapstick. My two older girls and I sat down at the dining room table and a Mary Kay consultant gave us all a facial and makeover using all the products. She had a big suitcase on wheels full of little tubes and magical serums to make us all prettier than we'd ever been.

Gracie put makeup on too. She got to do her own. She looked like a clown! And then she said "Mom yookit me" and she shoved an eyeshadow applicator up her nose and grinned!

It worked. I bought stuff for all three of us. Gracie got to keep her eyeshadow applicator. I was not happy about the total bill, but Katie looked so shimmery and pretty and Lexie got rid of her racoon-eye look that she's been hiding behind for years, she looked beautiful, and I looked in the mirror and thought, wow, is that me? Looked like a better version of me! So, I let the lady abuse my credit card and we all got loads of makeup and special face stuff.

You think my husband doesn't understand my stroller addiction? A little bag of tubes of goo is going to confuse him even more! Especially since I paid more for make up than I did for any one of my strollers.

I did try to buy some on my own. But I walked up and down the beauty aisles in Target and realized I had no idea what I was looking at. How many shades of "pale white woman" are there? I'm glad I had a lady come over and help me figure out what I want.

I haven't worn makeup since I had a job. And then, I wore cheap stuff and just the basics, whatever I had to wear to get by in the cubicle world. I haven't worked for six years now, and my face has been untouched by gloppity goo since then. It was liberating to run around with a naked face! But, I'm back to being a normal woman, enhanced by the coverage and colors of Mary Kay products.

In one of my college classes, we were discussing women of the Middle East and how they wear a veil over their face. And I thought, what is the difference between a Surah or a pound of makeup on your face? Seems kind of the same to me, hiding, covering up.

Anyway, I've decided to join the rest of the women of the world and cover my naked face with makeup. I'm excited and oppressed at the same time. But, we will have wedding photos and I want to look nice and smooth like the other ladies. I've given in to the social norm. I feel so princessy and girly!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Six Month Well Baby Check

Libby is almost 8 mths old now, and so it was time for the 6 month checkup! Yes, a little late. Story of my life! In fact, my mom said I was born late, so you see, I've been doing this late thing since birth. I'm good at it! And so it goes... the six month well baby checkup.

Libby is 19 lbs 3 oz, and 28 inches long. I have no idea if that is small, average or big. She still feels like a little peanut. She crawls everywhere now! And pulls herself up to standing, but the doc just asked if she is rolling over yet. Yes. She does that trick too.

The doc said we can introduce the sippy cup now. Gosh, I did that months ago because she won't drink out of a bottle. She won't drink out of a sippy cup either though. I've tried 'em all. And she won't eat baby cereal, baby food veggies or baby food fruit. Or any combinations of those things. She won't eat and she won't drink. Period.

The doc says to keep trying and if she won't eat, give her formula. What? Did you listen to anything I just said? Geez. My doc was in la-la land today. She must have had something on her mind, she didn't listen to me today.

I told her I'm worried about food allergies, specifically bananas since Libby broke out in hives after her sitter poked some banana in her mouth. The doc said to try giving her applesauce and bananas. Why would I give her bananas? And we can test her for allergies when she turns a year old. That's fine. That'll be soon the way time is flying by anyway.

Libby got three shots in her legs and then we were outa there. It was a strange office visit. I couldn't believe the crazy advice I got today. Whacky!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Turned my tassel today!

Today I Graduated! It was awesome! I'm so glad I went through the ceremony, even this morning I was wondering why I was bothering with it, and I'm so glad I did. It felt great!

Had to be there to check in between 8am - 8:45... Graduation started promptly at 9am. It was at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, which is about 55 miles away. We left at 7:30... half an hour behind the time we wanted to leave, but we really aren't morning people. Keith drove like a madman and traffic wasn't too bad, we got to the exit lane at 8:20... plenty of time!

Not! It would be plenty of time, except.... this is California!

From the time we got in line for the exit to the time we got parked (about 2 miles) it took over an hour and a half. Got to the venue at 10am!!! :shock: By then of course, I had given up hope of being able to walk across the dais, but Keith said we'd watch the last half and take a few pics afterward. So he said to bring my cap and gown in anyway for after. I tossed it on the stroller and was pretty bummed.

We walked a long long long ways to the entrance and when we walked past the empty table where the grads checked in, I jokingly said to the guy there, haha, I'm a graduate, am I very late? He joked, haha, yeah, about an hour an a half! It's now 10:30. Then he said, they just started calling the grads across the stage, you can make it, I'll escort you. Seriously?? OMG! Yippee! So I put on my cap and gown real quick and got my name card and the guy escorted me to the seating area and another guy took me from there to the back row of grads. Slick as snot!

There were about 1000 grads and they don't rapid fire the names off like the high school does, so it took a long time before my row got up. I saw the escort bring two or three more graduates in after me and he stuck them in the row behind me. Wow, I wasn't the only one late! I figured the mile of cars behind us was all audience, but there were a few stragglers even after me. In fact, I sat there for so long that I had time to get to know the guy next to me. He was a Sociology grad who took a job as an elementary school custodian. The economy is bad, we agreed we need a masters to get hired in our fields. Till then, the stay-at-home-mom and the janitor made pleasant conversation about the morning fog and the crazy noisy crowd and we tried to spot who had on the highest heels.

All this time, Keith and Libby were up in the grandstands having a good time. Well, I assume they had a good time, but really I can only speculate. Keith said he bounced her on his knee and when he'd stop she'd kick for more, by the end, his leg was really tired.

I shook a whole bunch of hands as I walked across the platform, no idea who they were. College Prez, Dept Heads, etc. As I came off the platform and walked past the teachers, several of them hopped up and shook hands or hugged me. Swine flu, Ha! So much for that precautionary email saying there would be NO shaking of hands at graduation due to the swine flu. They did have big squirty jugs of germ killing gel right as you went up the stairs to the germ-infested handshakers.

Anyway, I loved that the teachers were there and they were so excited to see their students walk by. My Sacred Texts teacher (I also took British Lit and Shakespeare from her) hugged me and said "Congratulations and I want one more paper from you!" She wasn't kidding, I have to write a paper this weekend. The head librarian jumped out of her seat and hugged me. Said she'd miss me. Yeah, I know, she'll miss my overdue library fines. I think I've paid for a new wing of the library all by myself. Which reminds me, I have four library books sitting here that need to go back, with accompanying fee of course.

Congratulated and hugged my friends. It was great to see them so happy and excited! I usually see them stressed and overloaded with books and deadlines. What a difference a free spirited smile makes!

I now have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature and Writing from California State University San Marcos. (tosses cap in the air)

Keith and I stopped for a celebratory lunch before coming home. We ate at El Torrito, kind of appropriate since he says I took college by the horns. More excitement at lunch! We gave Libby a taste of refried beans and she didn't hate them! She wasn't thrilled, but she did eat some and kept opening her mouth for more! We didn't see the horrified ick face and she didn't gag and hurl from licking the spoon! Score! The waitress said she must have some Mexican blood. We agree! Our little refried bean! We're very excited that she ate, even if it was just a few licks. Good girl, Libby!

So, that was my graduation day. Late, foggy, and awesome!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Guess Who is Crawling!

Someone got her chubby tummy off the floor and figured out the motion of the hands and legs to get going places! She's crawling!

She was doing really well wiggling and scooching and rolling around to get places, but she didn't seem to end up any closer to the toys that she was eyeing. Finally, she got it figured out how to go forward, and there's no stopping her now! She's on the move!

This all started on Thursday last week. She was at the babysitter's house and she really wanted to poke the sitter's baby. Right in the eye. Such pretty shiny eyes, must poke them. And she was motivated enough to crawl over there and give that cute baby a jab!

I walked into the sitter's house and saw her crawl! The sitter either feigned surprise or it really was her first crawl and I didn't miss anything. I'm not sure. But I saw her crawl and now of course, I'm happy that she waited till I got there to perform her new trick.

You know what this means, don't you? Oh yes, we've entered the "clean floor" stage. Not just clean, but uber-clean. In fact, she just found some lint under the end-table by the couch. Here we go!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

Today, Lexie starts orientation and training at The Big Cheese. She got hired to work at this new pizza place going in by the movie theater.

She is still working at Shakey's Pizza over by the mall and at Little Caesar's Pizza which is conveniently located just down the street.

Count them... 1... 2... 3... THREE pizza jobs!

Crazy Teenager!

Now, here's a couple of twists: Little Caesar's knows she works at Shakey's but not at Big Cheese. Big Cheese thinks she quit her other two jobs, and Shakey's doesn't know she added the other two. Potentially, she could get fired three times in one day when she spills the beans, er, pepperoni.

Also, our next door neighbor is a manager for Shakey's Corporate. She is the Shakey's Big Cheese! We're just waiting for her to see Lexie coming in and out of the house wearing a different pizza uniform. That might be fun to see the neighbor's expression, but things could unravel fast for my pizza-teen. See twist #1.

Interesting to note: She isn't all that crazy about pizza. She moderately enjoys it, but she doesn't love it. She couldn't eat it for half of her life because she had food allergies until she was older. And here she is, living the pizza life.

Being the old nag that I am, I told her she has to keep her grades in shape and graduate or she's taking time off from all of her pizza jobs and I'm taking her keys. Pizza cannot become your life until after you have a high school diploma in your hand! A signed diploma!!! Mean, aren't I? Even when they are all grown up and they know it all, a mom has to set limits, define boundaries, and threaten their invinsible young lives.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day! To me and you and you and you and you too!

Thank you so much to my princesses for giving me motherhood. I love being a mom, and they are the best daughters! I still can't believe there are four of them!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy 101st Birthday, Grandma!

Happy 101st Birthday, Grandma! (Yes, she reads my blog, she'll see this!)

My sister wrote a great blog post about our Grandma on her blog. Nice job, sis! Many birthday wishes, Grandma!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Countdown

7 days to the end...

4 Chapters of Psychology to read

One Book to read

Finish my reading journal
(have to read first)

Two research papers

One critical essay

One Take Home Exam

One In-Class Exam

Thursday is the final day of Finals, then it's Party Time! Iron the Gown! Find bobby pins for the cap! Graduate!!!

Graduation follows on Saturday the 16th. 8am at Del Mar Fairgrounds, you are all invited. ;)