Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Quick Crazy Update

Finals are over. I'm waiting on my grades but I predict: A, A, B, B and C. darn that last one!

Christmas came and went. It went pretty well! I didn't send out any packages. Bad Mom! Maybe next year. I am still working on my cards.

Birthday invitations are in progress. I am working on designing the the invites for my grandmother's 100th birthday party this summer. Sounds easy, right? No, she has to love them and that is the hard part!

Everyone in my family is home on winter break from school. The neighbors are in and out. This place is like Grand Central Station. Even the neighbor dog came over and ran amuck in my house.

Katie is working hard at Hollister. She hates her job and yet, she doesn't have a different job yet. Lex is also not working. Why can't my girls get motivated enough to get jobs! They are driving me insane!

Gracie is on nap strike. No more naps. None. She's still waking up 3 times every night. She's wearing me down. I'm exhausted!

I bought a $75 football and thought I paid $3.97 for it. Oh dear. I have to go back to Walmart with an expensive football and no receipt. Walmart might eat me alive!

We need to prepare for our next semester of college and school. Not sure when we will have time to do this...

The Ant Guy is coming tomorrow morning.



Kayla J said...

Hi Mary! Long time no talk! I was just thinking about you today! How funny. Happy Christmas and Happy New Year, too! Boxing Day is like Black Friday. It's the day everything's on sale here in Canada. I mean crazy sales. It was nuts. There's no boxing or putting things in boxes. I'm not sure where it came from, but I'm not complaining!
Take care!

Steve and Alicia said...

Hey there Mary! Hope that your christmas was great!! Glad that the holidays are over tonight so that I can focus on getting into my house at the end of January! Need some more recipies??? Happy New Year :-)