Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rubbin' it in!

This is a photo I took last month of our snow. It's gone now. This week we're expecting temps in the 70s. Yippee!

My sister recently wrote in her blog about her winter day out shopping, and one of my bloggity friends, Michelle, wrote about her snow, and another bloggity gal wrote about snowblowing... Lots of snow in the blogs lately! Not to be left out, I wanted to blog about our weather too.

Here are some snapshots of us dealing with the January weather. Try not to turn green with envy!


Living With Cavemen said...

Brat! Sure rub it in. Looks like some pretty January weather you have. I'm green with envy.

Michelle said...

Was that *really* necessary? Do you realize that it's quite possible that they'll have to cancel school on Thursday because the windchill will be so low -- if the forecast holds, of course, and we all know how accurate the weatherman is!

Wolfpak5 said...

That bit of snow doesn't count. You didn't have to shovel it, drive in it, scrape windshields, sweep off cars or plug them in.

Kate said...

Haha! You all don't have to continue that winter yuck--move somewhere warmer! I miss MI in autumn and spring, and late summer but right now? Oh NO. ;)

We're already obsessing about the weather for this Sunday for the marathon. 45-65 is not bad. A little warm, but praying for low humidity.

desirae said...

OH... Now that's just sick... All that warm weather.. Put a hat, and snowsuit on that baby.. Where's Princess Gracie's gloves??? I'm so jealous... It's in the negatives here (Indiana.) Some schools closed, Turtle's was on a two hour delay.. My van heated up for 15 minutes today, and then sputtered and coughed for the 15 minute drive to Turtle's school, because it was so cold (It finally got warm inside it on the way home.)... Turtle touched a chainlink fence with gloves on and proceeded to cry for 15 minutes about how stinging his hands were... And you've got roses... That's just wrong... lol..