Saturday, December 12, 2009

Grandma Came and Went - Next!

Oh, gosh, we had fun! Grandma wore me out! The weather put a damper on some of our fun, couldn't go to Disneyland in the pouring rain, but otherwise we got out and about a lot and stayed busy while my mom was here.

The main purpose of her visit was to attend a wedding in San Diego. That was a very nice wedding! We had a great time, even took the kids along. We also did a ton of shopping, ate out as much as we could, and took the little girls to a movie. Lots of fun and interesting experiences!

Ever since she left, Gracie has been asking for her to come back. Or, when can we go to Grandma's house? And she wants to see Great Grandma too! We're going at the end of July, so let's hope Gracie can hold out that long. Only 7 months away!

Next up... Uncle Eddy. My little baby bro, who is almost 31. He's coming for a visit and hopefully will stay through Christmas. I don't think Uncle Ed is the Disneyland type, but he might enjoy walking the paths at the zoo. The zoo is a good outing and I have a pass plus a free pass for a guest, it'll be a cheap outing! Gotta love that!

This place is a very busy house! People coming and going like there is a holiday coming up or something! I love it!

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Michelle said...

Be grateful -- when we visit my in-laws, the wee ones NEVER ask when they can go back again. they pretty much forget about them once they're in the car. Lovely.