Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy November!

Can you believe it? It's November already! I'm not sure how that happened so fast. Next thing you know, I'll turn around and November will be gone too. The months have just been flying by this year.

We started November off with a trip to the zoo.  The girls were so funny, each with their own map telling me which path to take.  I did find a path I'd never walked on before. Kiwi Trail is pretty much a free fall and very challenging to walk on the meandering steep slope with a stroller and kids.  The whole way down, I was thankful that I wasn't going the other direction!

The girls had fun and we saw some animals. When we go to the zoo I take it easy and we only see one part of the zoo.  If we wander all over the entire place, I get too tired. Plus, this way the zoo is different every time we go!  Today we saw the zookeeper let six macaws out of a cage and they flew across the zoo.  We got to see them take off and soar into the air, very pretty birds!

After the zoo, we went to Katie's new house.  It's pretty empty inside!  So far, she has one chair, an airbed, her guitar, and a saucepan.  That's pretty much all she owns. The little girls sure had fun running and screaming in the empty house. The moving truck should arrive with Katie's furniture and things in mid to late December. I told her to go to Ikea and SuperTarget in the meantime. 

From there, we went to a pizza place to eat.  We just tried to find anything and that's where we ended up. It turned out to be a sports place with tvs everywhere.  The whole place would burst out in cheers every now and again.  They were playing a baseball game on every tv, apparently the world series was going on?  eh, whatever it was, people sure got loud in short bursts. The pizza was fantastic! We ordered fried zucchini for an appetizer and then we had a tomato, spinach and goat cheese pizza.  It was delicious!  I sent the leftovers home with Katie since she didn't have any food at all.

We finally got home at 9pm.  Much later than I thought we would be out, but it was a fun day. We were all so tired from Halloween and then kicking off November with an outing was fun but exhausting.  Ok, for me it was exhausting! The girls weren't phased one bit, neither one of them slept through the night after all of that.


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Sounds like a fun busy day! Is that the San Diego Zoo?

That's about as much of the world series as I watched and everyone is nuts here since it's SF and that's like RIGHT here.

Alicia said...

You girls are super busy!! Sounds like a great day and wonderful weather too!

Wolfpak5 said...

I am so jealous, I love that zoo. Jen and I are planning our girls trip for next summer and we are going to Minnesota. Bonnie has cried that it has been forever since we've been there and I have been to California many times. Besides Kevin & Sam said they would take me to the zoo to see the bears.