Saturday, December 4, 2010

I stabbed my tongue. Ow!

Wearing braces is just not as easy as the teenagers make it look.  I've seen so many teens and tween wearing braces and they seem unaffected by it all.  Fakers!

I keep getting food mashed up in my braces and it's very difficult to get out.  Then it feels like my mouth is all stuffed with mush, because it is.  Very icky and uncomfortable.  I have been brushing after eating and getting all of the extra bits of food out of the fence.  But I also try to unwedge the bigger bits with my tongue. 

I was eating rice or something, don't remember now, and I had a big hunk of it stuck on my upper molar.  I just reached over with the tip of my tongue to dislodge my meal and I stabbed my tongue with the sharp hook on the metal bracket!  OUCH!  Really, I stabbed my tongue.  It hurt so much!

There are hooks on the metal ring that hooks the wire onto that last molar tooth way in the back and that's what I jabbed my tongue on.  So, I now have this tremendous puncture wound on the tip of my tongue.

And it freaking hurts!  Why won't it heal up?  I dunno, maybe because I'm always smothering it with food and things (brownies) that are not conducive to healing.    In the meantime, I am suffering from a wounded tongue and my speech has completely gone south.  I need speech therapy. 

I can no longer say anything with an S in it.  My poor little tongue owie and my braces are just too much for trying to say things like "Sally found seashells by the seashore" and "Stop slapping your sister".  My lips have to wrap around all this extra hardware when I speak making me sound goofy and now with a stabbed tongue it's even worse.

I sound funny and my tongue hurts.  I also have a bit of brownie stuck in my braces, but I'm just going to enjoy the chocolate taste all day.


Mmom said...

No wonder you didn't have time to get packages ready to mail. OW!! My tongue hurts just thinking about it.

Kate said...

OUCH! My dad got braces when he was in his 40's and had similar problems. I will say, though, that the teenagers I see have the same struggles at first. My dad said it got easier--still a pain, but easier to deal with.

Wolfpak5 said...

I have never jabbed my tongue on the hooks on my partials, but getting food stuck in them is something else. Still learning after two years. I love snickers candy bars, but those are so hard to eat. I manage and pay for it later. It will get better with practice.