Thursday, August 23, 2007

Her First Taste of Tuna

Awww... another memorable first!

I am on a diet, which means Princess Babycakes is on a diet too. She eats what everyone else eats (the famous See-Food diet), and so it goes. Today's lunch menu item: Tuna.

At 17 mths old, she is about to embark on a new journey of the tastebuds!

I made my unsalted light tuna on cucumber slices lunch for myself and put half the can in a plastic dish for her. Gave her half of my rice cake too. And I gave her a handful of grapes. She wanted "BALL", so grapes it is. And my cherry tomatoes. Fine, they look like balls, she gets those too. Yummy!

As always, she grabs her spoon and digs into her food with her other hand. The first fistful always is thrown over the side of the high chair tray to the dog. Gotta make sure the fat dog doesn't starve to death. Second fistful in the mouth. Ewwww! What a face!!! Blech! She tries again. Same taste! A couple of pieces thrown to the dog and then - Wham! It all goes overboard. The dog is now covered in tuna. As is the wall and the floor. Looks like a tuna exploded in here!

On to the rice cake. She licks. She tosses. It crumbles on impact.

Back to real life. I got her out of the tuna bomb area and let her run free. Here, honey, have a chocolate chip cookie and a cup of juice.

I have a wall, floor, high chair, and dog to scrub. More later!

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