Friday, October 31, 2008

Where did October go?

Whaaaa....??? October is over? Already? You are kidding me! That was fast!

That must mean today is Halloween. Hmm. We aren't doing much for halloween. Gracie is kind of weirded out by the scary decorations, especially the spiders. She likes the scarecrows and the ghosts, but everything else she could do without. So, I think I will have her stay home tonight instead of taking her out and about where she will see people dressed in scary costumes. That might send her over the edge. I got her a Cinderella dress and she can play dress up and help Daddy give out candy at the door. Libby has a pumpkin outfit that she can wear for the day. The teens have their own plans, which better not include defacing political campaign signs! Or I'm going to drop them both off as abandoned children in Nebraska!

That's my newest "behave or else" threat. I'll take you to Nebraska and leave you there! Nebraska has a new law that is a dream for parents of unruley teens everywhere. You can abandon your children (up to age 18) with no questions asked and no penalty. Just drop them off at any hospital, too easy! Now it's be a good teen or we're headed to Nebraska!

Today is also my husband's birthday. I didn't get him anything. Not even a card. It's not that I forgot, I'm just tapped out of ideas and time to shop and things like that. And now, here it is. Whoops.

I guess you could say that I've been busy lately. It's been 31 days since Libby was born. She is now 10 pounds 4 oz. That's up from her birth weight of 7lbs 4oz. A three pound gain! She's starting to get a double chin and chubby cheeks. My favorite! I love fat babies! I'm hoping she'll get really round like a little butterball.

When I took her for her 2 week checkup the doc said she had an umbilical hernia and her belly button wasn't healing nicely either. She got some silver nitrate for her belly button and now it looks so nice! Libby also has newborn congestion. So, she snores and snorts and sniffs and makes all kinds of nasal noises. Kind of scary at night when she's breathing through her congested little nose. She's been sleeping much better in a sitting up position. And, Libby's tear ducts were clogged and a little infected. Got some goop to stick in her eyes. She wasn't a big fan of that, but it helped in no time.

I stuck some of her gooop in my eye the other day. All day long I thought to myself, hmmm, feels like I have a black eye or something. Finally, I looked in the mirror. Ewww! I had a stye in my eye! I kind of pulled my eyelid down and pressed on it and it popped and drained. So nasty! Great, my first postpartum zit and it's in my eye!

I love not being pregnant! But my hair is losing its luster and my skin is losing its glow. Now I can welcome back zits too. Great. I'm thrilled. I'm doing pretty well with weight loss but I am really mushy and soft so you can't tell. I'm hiding my weight loss very well. I''m also still pretty sore, so I haven't been excercising more than the usual daily marathons that I run in the house. Maybe in November I'll go for a walk. Or December.

I started going back to college. Libby is going too. The girl needs an education! We started going back to class when she was 3 weeks. It's exhausting! I am behind in my class, but I am catching up and attending. I think that's pretty darn good for now. I'm hoping to be all caught up by Thanksgiving so I can end the semester in December with the rest of the class. Everyone at school loves Libby. So far, she's well behaved during the lectures. My professor is the best because she lets me bring the baby and she is allowing me to lag behind at my own pace. She's been very supportive! Next semester Libby is going to have to go to the babysitter with her big sister.

Speaking of Big Sister Gracie.... She sure has grown! Suddenly, she looks huge to me! She was my baby last month and now, she's so big! She is still working on potty training. She's not picking it up very quickly, but every now and again we have some success. Just enough to keep the hope alive! Someday she will stop wearing diapers! Someday! Hopefully before she becomes an unruley teenager or I will take her to Nebraska.

Gracie adores her "Baby Dister" She calls her "Yibby" and races to the couch holding out her hands yelling "Gacie's turn Gacie's turn!". Gracie loves holding, kissing, petting and talking to Yibby. She checks out her tiny little toes and fingers every day. Big Sister isn't a big helper though. I gave her a diaper to toss in the trash, and she took it to the biggest sister and told her to throw it away! Passing the buck. Dodging her chores.

I am still working on sending out birth announcements and thank you cards from Libby. Of course, I lost my list of mailing addresses. This has been a crazy month and losing my address list is par for the course.

I also dropped my laptop. That wasn't a peachy day. It's fixed now though and I'm back in action! That just means I can read blogs again. My "action" isn't as active as your imagination.

There has been some action though. A little excitement to break the monotony. There was the day I was driving, and I might add that I'm an awesome driver! Anyway, back to me driving... in my one year old never been scratched golden mini-van.... and, I hit a parked vehicle. Right in front of the high school. Ripped my back bumper right off! And scratched and creased my back rear panel. I totally misjudged.

That exciting incident got me some much needed rest. That's when my teens and my husband realized that I have been a zombie and my sleep deprivation was probably going to get them killed. It was certainly costing my husband a lot of dinero. He just fixed my laptop and now the van needs repairs. Oh, his poor aching credit card! I'm getting more sleep now. Funny how that worked out.

My husband is a pretty good guy. I'm not just saying that cuz its his birthday. He really is. He's working two jobs and he only got 3 days off when we had the baby. I begged and pleaded for him to take one more day off, so he called in sick and stayed home one more day. He's been doing more around the house and helping out with the kids more this month too. He is even taking Lexie to school in the mornings! Shocking, but true! She hasn't arrived to school on time once this month, but hey, she's arriving. Good enough for now.

And suddenly, October is gone. We had our 20th wedding anniversary this month, brought home a new baby, had my mom and my sister out here for a week, and "poof" October is over.


Memarie Lane said...

that is a big gain! odessa was wighed on tuesday and she's 10 lbs. one ounce, after a birth weight of 9 lbs. 6 oz. nearly five weeks ago.

Alicia said...

she is beautiful!!! gracie is getting big, but heck i know all about that! good luck on the progression of potty training!! **sticking my tongue out at you! hahahaha** j/k! I am sure she will get it soon enough.

i wanna see more pics, so when you get a breather, not that us mom's get one but you know!!

happy halloween!! it will be christmas before we can blink. i just saw my first christmas commercial today! AHHHHH!!!!! you would think they could wait until after halloween was over or even better Thanksgiving!!!