Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Birth Story! She's Here!

Elizabeth August "Libby" was born Sept 30, 2:46am. 7lbs 4oz, 19.5 inches.

I was having contractions since 2am on the 29th, but I knew they had to be 5 mins apart for an hour before going to the hospital. They were 15 mins apart by 2 in the afternoon and stronger. Still tolerable. By evening they were almost 5 mins apart but sometimes 3, sometimes 10... still not regular enough. Late night they were still pretty irregular, but averaging 5 mins and they were pretty painful. At 1am, my husband said "we're going now". Took me a while to get down the stairs and out the door, but I made it to the van in the driveway. I told the teens to come in the morning after taking Gracie to the babysitter, it would be a long long day ahead. I figured the teens didn't need to be there till they started the pitocin and I know that doesn't happen for hours.

Again, I think I am planning this birth. Ha!

By the time we were in the van backing out of the driveway it was 1:40 am. As we were backing out, my water broke. Ugh, I knew we should have taken his truck! Got to the ER at 1:45.

Admissions lost my file and made my husband fill everything out all over again. Contractions were strong and on top of each other and I was pouring water down my legs. So, paperwork had to be quick, but not necessarily correct. Plus, there was a little kid projectile vomiting in the waiting area too. Other people waiting got to be stuck in the middle of me screaming and that kid puking. I felt bad for them.

Got through the ER doors and whisked down to L&D in a wheelchair. They quickly got me in a gown and on the delivery bed and I was prepped all at once while having strong contrax. I was 7cm. The doc was called and it took her 15 mins to get there.

My husband called the teens and said "NOW!!!!" They hurried and got the toddler to the sitter and arrived in the delivery room at 2:45. Just in the nick of time!

I was being told not to push. I wasn't pushing. Breathing. Breathing. Fighting the urge because the doc wasn't there yet and even though I was at 10cm, the nurse said there was a lip of cervix in the way and she didn't want me to rip my cervix. No matter how hard I tried not to push, the baby shot right out! No pushing! She was born so fast that my husband missed seeing her arrive because he was looking at me and didn't turn his head fast enough. She was out, cried, and the doc walked in. Just missed it!

Delivery of the placenta did not go well. I'll be somewhat vague since the details are ugly. Stop reading if you don't want to know any more!

Still reading? ok.. the placenta refused to dislodge and the umbilical cord broke after the baby was delivered. The doc ordered the nurse to put nubaine in my iv since I hadn't had any pain meds and I was going to need it. Then she performed a procedure to deliver the placenta. I'll give you one detail to give you an idea... elbow deep.

I heard you wince. I told you not to read that!

Anyway, I only got 5 stitches and none internally. I am feeling wonderful. I have no idea how I could be, but I am. The baby is perfect and lovely. I am so lucky! I can't believe the delivery was so fast, but my whole family was there and my doc was there when I needed her. I knew I wanted my doc to deliver me and it turns out, the specialized care that I needed was something she was skilled at performing. Even at 3am.

Libby and I are home now. She's breastfeeding like a champ and her big sisters all adore her. You can see photos on the hospital site or on our family website.

Thank you all so much for the support and messages and posts and phone calls and emails and packages and everything!


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Congratulations! I'm headed over to see the pics.

Jewels said...

Oh Wow, Congratulations!!
She is Beautiful.

Gwennie said...

I've been reading your blog and just happened upon you so soon after the birth! Congratulations, and welcome to the world, Libby!
I love to hear all the gory details- we are having our second in January, and one must 'prepare' for all possibilites- lol!

Alicia said...

Yippie! Girl number 4!! Congrats!! Didn't I tell you that baby number 4 comes super fast!!! The bill is so much better with so few minutes in l&d!! I can't wait to see the pics!

Congrats again!!

Wolfpak5 said...

Welcome to the family Libby. I will be seeing you all in 5 days. There is so much that I need to tell you about your Mom. Like what she expects of a little girl, you need to follow your sister Gracie with dirt.

Kate said...

Hooray! I'm so happy for you all. I love the pictures--she's beautiful!

Michelle said...

Congrats -- although I think I hate you for your easy birth (except the placenta part!). So glad you're feeling well and Libby is healthy and thriving.

It's amazing that they know when to come. And apparently when she's coming, she's COMING!

Memarie Lane said...

Ugh, I do not envy your delivery! Isn't it a relief to be done though? That was the biggest thing for me, almost immediate relief, even in the middle of the pain. Now we're looking into vasectomies! Again, beautiful name.

Living With Cavemen said...

Yay! She is finally here! I'm so glad your doc was there for you and so glad things turned out OK.

Glad to hear you are feeling fine and everyone is doing good.

Shelley said...

Welcome Libby! Congratulations ...she's beautiful!

desirae said...

Yah!!! Congrats.. She's so cute.. I'm glad everything turned out well..And that she came so fast... I hope she's sleeping well, so that you can get some sleep too.. Is Gracie all excited???

mandi said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful story with me! :) Your girls are all beautiful - congrats!

(mandi from webmd/mylittlelambs)