Monday, May 11, 2009

Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

Today, Lexie starts orientation and training at The Big Cheese. She got hired to work at this new pizza place going in by the movie theater.

She is still working at Shakey's Pizza over by the mall and at Little Caesar's Pizza which is conveniently located just down the street.

Count them... 1... 2... 3... THREE pizza jobs!

Crazy Teenager!

Now, here's a couple of twists: Little Caesar's knows she works at Shakey's but not at Big Cheese. Big Cheese thinks she quit her other two jobs, and Shakey's doesn't know she added the other two. Potentially, she could get fired three times in one day when she spills the beans, er, pepperoni.

Also, our next door neighbor is a manager for Shakey's Corporate. She is the Shakey's Big Cheese! We're just waiting for her to see Lexie coming in and out of the house wearing a different pizza uniform. That might be fun to see the neighbor's expression, but things could unravel fast for my pizza-teen. See twist #1.

Interesting to note: She isn't all that crazy about pizza. She moderately enjoys it, but she doesn't love it. She couldn't eat it for half of her life because she had food allergies until she was older. And here she is, living the pizza life.

Being the old nag that I am, I told her she has to keep her grades in shape and graduate or she's taking time off from all of her pizza jobs and I'm taking her keys. Pizza cannot become your life until after you have a high school diploma in your hand! A signed diploma!!! Mean, aren't I? Even when they are all grown up and they know it all, a mom has to set limits, define boundaries, and threaten their invinsible young lives.


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Wow she's nuts lol. Hopefully she doesn't have any scheduling conflicts! At least you don't have to drive her there.

Living With Cavemen said...

Hmmmm...sounds like she has a bit of her mother in her. Remember in the early college days how many jobs YOU held down. Yeah, I think you had 3 at one time as well.

Good for her for having some decent jobs. Does this mean you guys get free pizza?