Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bridezilla, Gradzilla, Pottyzilla and Boobyzilla

They aren't princesses every day. Lately, they are more monster than they are princess.

Bridezilla. There is only three weeks until her wedding. She has a ton of things to do! She is really feeling the pressure of deadlines now. In the last couple of weeks, she's gotten a lot done! But, there's always more. So very much more! Her bridesmaids, all six of them, don't know how to be bridesmaids! They should be helping her, but these bridesmaids are all pretty young and are not educated in the fine art of bridesmaidery. One of them told her that it is the job of the Mother of the Bride to plan and hostess a Bridal Shower, so go ask your mom when and where it is. This Mother of the Bride wasn't planning on throwing a bridal shower, this MOB was planning to attend one! I don't think the bridesmaids know that I was finishing college, and have 4 kids and a house being redone, and not enough hours in the day! So, they decided that since Katie's mom flipped out and is mean and horrible and isn't supportive of her bride daughter, they felt sorry for her and planned a Bridal Shower. The theme is panties. I'm invited. Hmm, That's what I get for not doing it myself I guess, oh well, it's a bridal shower and that's all that matters at this point. In the meantime, Bridezilla wants me to "help" (meaning do it and she'll let me know how I should have done it better but its fine the way it is) make boutonnieres for the men, find and decorate a garden arch for the ceremony, pick up and set up the cake on wedding day, get bubbles and make the containers all weddingish, teach Gracie how to walk like a flowergirl, and whatever else she can come up with. I should just be ready to jump in and do anything that needs to be done, and why oh why do I have to bring the little girls with me everywhere I go? Geez, Mom!

Gradzilla is extremely apathetic and does all she can to avoid talking about her high school graduation. We don't even have senior pictures done yet! Or announcements! I finally figured this out. Maybe she's avoiding because she isn't going to graduate. Hmmm. So, I called the school counselor in a panic. Sure enough, she's graduating, but she still has time to blow it. We're throwing a graduation party for her the Sunday after graduation. She's not so sure she'll show up. Ha, kid, I'll chain you to the fence, you will be there for your own party! (I won't really, but a mom can threaten) We're having "The Taco Man" cater the party and we'll have Karaoke going on too. We've got about 50 people coming. Of course, they'd all like a graduation announcement, that would be nice. I'm going to make one and use her kindergarten picture. Bet that'll get her to cooperate in a hurry! Her 18th birthday is a week before graduation. She is pretty sure that means Freedom! Little does she know, she lives under my dictatorship! Hahaha!

Pottyzilla is peeing everywhere! What is up with the sudden piddle puddles all over the place! When does the potty training end and accidents become a thing of the past? She's not always in the mood to go potty, sometimes she just cannot be bothered with such nonsense. I'm running out of ideas to motivate her. But, the other day I thought of a good one! I put her baby sister on the potty! And guess what! The baby peed on the potty! Not to be outdone, Gracie suddenly wanted to go too. And she did! The next day, I did it again and baby sister peed on the potty again! Not even 8 months old and she was showing up her big sis. Since then I haven't been lucky enough to get the timing right for a repeat performance, but she got the idea that if the baby can do it, she can too. In the meantime, she's peeing all over the place like a scared puppy. Driving me crazy!

Bobbyzilla still won't eat. She sure enjoys finger painting with her baby food. She loves to let the dog lick it off of her fingers! She gets it everywhere except near her mouth! Oh the faces she makes! We think she has food allergies, but not sure what all is included in her allergies if she really does have them. One day she had baby food bananas, she of course hated it. But she got enough of a taste that she broke out in hives. Another day, she picked up her big sister's banana peel and stuck that in her mouth (because anything on the floor is good to eat!) and she broke out in hives. I'm pretty sure she's allergic to bananas. I asked the pediatrician about her not eating, no desire to eat. She only nurses! The pediatrician said she's 20 lbs, stop worrying. She'll eat someday. And if she isn't eating in a few months we'll have her tested for food allergies. I think I'll have her tested anyway because of the banana reactions.

All four of the girls are busy in their own way. All of them going in their own direction. Busy with their own thing. And there is four of them and only one of me! Yikes! I'm doing my best to keep up as Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Grad, Potty Training Teacher and Breastfeeder Extrodinaire. But lately, I'm more of a monster-tamer in this four-ring circus!


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Wow--that's a lot of 'zillas. Good thing school is over. I can't believe you're going to have a married daughter.

Michelle said...

Ugh... good luck with all that. And you thought your plate would be a little emptier once you graduated and classes were over!

For the allergies, good luck. Definitely avoid the bananas... and keep a REALLY careful journal by day with any reactions that happen. Some (like the banana) are pretty immediate, but some take a day. Just take it slow.... we didn't hit 20 pounds with Little Miss until she was over 2 years :)

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Just one of those is enough to make anyone crazy! I got married young and my Mom's friend threw me my shower.

Shelley said...

My gosh, are you not just sitting in the corner and rocking back and forth? I'm tired just reading all of that. Although the "Panties" theme made me laugh. I remember my best friend's bridal shower was like that, except we called it a lingerie shower. It was fun.

Living With Cavemen said...

Yikes! That is a lot of Zillas in one household. How do you keep from losing your mind? That's enough to drive any mom over the edge. How is the hubby dealing with all Zillas? Is he hiding out in his man cave?

Panty shower...Sounds interesting and scary at the same time.

Haha...use a picture of when she was little. That's a good idea.

Potty training, so glad those days are over. It took us 5 different times with Sam. Seems like it took a long time with Kevin too.

Hope Libby isn't allergic to too many foods.