Thursday, November 5, 2009

No Oinking in this house!

Sunday, Libby had a fever. I couldn't find my thermometer but my best guess was that it wasn't too bad. Gave her some motrin and figured it would pass.

Monday, Libby is worse. She had a fever all night and all day. It would fade with motrin doses but it was consistently there. I found two thermometers. One said she was 71 and the other one said between 39 and 40 degrees. Can't find my good thermometer anywhere.

Tuesday, Libby is still feverish. Ugh. Still 39 and 40 degrees, give or take a few decimal points. Dumb thermometer. I am guessing she's around 103. Between giving her baths, cool drinks, frozen teething toys, motrin and tylenol, we're keeping her from boiling, but she's pretty hot. She puked in the afternoon all over me. Ick.

Wednesday, fever is down, but she's puking more than she eats and with more force. With this added symptom of throwing up I decide its time to call the pediatrician. They didn't call back till evening. I bet they are busy busy busy! I was told to take her in for a flu test on Thursday since she has a high fever and is vomiting. I also figured out that my thermometer is stuck in Celcius mode and 40 degrees is just over 104 F. Yikes!

Took her in today for the flu test and she saw the doctor too.

No FLU!!! Libby just has an icky virus or something. Libby did not like getting a Qtip up her nose to test for the flu. The doc asked about her bruises on her face. Asked if she threw up because of a head injury. No, no, that was last week. One bruise is from when she pulled the gate right off the wall and it fell on her, and the other one was the next day when she fell in the driveway trying to walk on the slightly sloped concrete. Both bruises are on her face and they are yellow now so you can tell they are kinda old and almost gone.

Personally, I'm wondering now if it is the chicken pox. She's got little bitty spots all over her torso and head, the doc didn't think much of her little spots. But, I have a feeling that my kids are exceptionally sensitive to the chicken pox virus and Libby just got the shot for it a couple of weeks ago. I don't know, I'm just going on my Mom instincts.

It does make sense that she has an icky bug though. I took the kids to a baby Halloween party on Friday, and on Sunday Libby was running a fever. Timing is just right for an icky bug. Two days after being exposed to a bunch of drooling babies and boom, she is sick. Hmmmm.

Gracie got a band-aid for her "bwoken leg" (a tiny scratch) and the Dr told her she was ok. Yay! She's been using her broken leg as an excuse to get out of everything and get attention. For example, "Gracie, let the dog in' then she'll throw her self to the floor and cry cuz her leg is bwoken. Libby is sick and she is not getting enough attention, so she's had this broken leg for a few days and it's totally on my nerves. Thankfully, the doc fixed her right up!

After the doc's visit we went to Walmart to stock up on ballerina tights (Gracie shreds her tights after one or two uses), disposable straws cuz the sippy cup straws are grossing me out, and Halloween shirts for next year (50 cents each!). Leaving Wally World, two guys were crossing in the crosswalk and a car slowed for them but didn't stop for them, they were cocky enough to keep walking and the car still didn't stop. So one guy kicked the car bumper and this angry man jumped out of the car. A pushing match quickly turned into a fist fight! So, I quickly turned the cart around and went back in so that Gracie would not see or hear that kind of behavior. I told the greeter to call the police and she looked at me like I was speaking English or something foreign like that. Of course, no security or police ever showed. the cocky guys and the angry man were gone so I got the kids to the van and we came home.

I forgot to buy a new thermometer, which is why I went there.

Got home and we washed our hands with lots of soap and water and we're going to resume our hermit ways. Staying home! Yay, no swine flu!!!


Mmom said...

Word of caution here. Don't go looking for a thermometer on your bicycle. That's how I got a broken nose and stitches in my lip. I went to the hospital to get a thermometer to take Bonnie's temp. I think it was Bonnie, cause you and Ed were with me when I wrecked in front of the hospital on my bike. I was told I looked like Dad hit me with a frying pan. One guy said he didn't look that bad when he wrecked his motorcycle. And it made Jean sick to look at my picture when you told her why I wouldn't be back to work for a few days. So much sympathy. Guess Gracie can get my sympathy for a "bwoken leg". Hope Libby is feeling better by now. Libby can have my sympathy too.

Wolfpak5 said...

Hope everyone will get better soon. Tell Gracie that if she wants I can send her my crutches for her "bwoken" leg.

Michelle said...

Glad it isn't the flu (although the ahhhh accuracy of those tests are pretty low). We're home with a 103 fever on Motrin ourselves tonight. I'm guessing it's flu for her. DON'T get me started on the bad doctor that didn't call us back after not being at their sick clinic hours they supposedly have. Grr.

Fingers crossed the puking is at least done!