Friday, November 6, 2009

Overdose of Cute!

I mentioned the Baby Halloween Party that I took the kids to last Friday, but I didn't tell you about it!

It was fun! There were aprox 40 mommies there and 50 babies. Some moms have two or three babies, so there are always more little ones than big ones. This baby play group is under the guise of being a breastfeeding support group, but really, we're just a bunch of mommies having fun. The group meets at the hospital twice a week and there is a Lactinazi Lactation Consultant (she is also a Doula) who is employed to lead the group and help women with any breastfeeding issues they might have. The moms start off coming for breastfeeding support and end up coming for fun. We chitter-chatter, show off our babies, brag about the latest milestone, plan playdates and outings, trade coupons and recipes, and we had a Halloween Party.

Here are some of the uber-cute babies in their costumes:

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Living With Cavemen said...

Way too much cuteness in one place!