Saturday, November 13, 2010

Yellow Dress

Yellow dresses are totally IN right now for a certain 2 year old who lives in this house.  It does not matter that it is November and there isn't a yellow dress to be found in any retail store or online.  She wants yellow. 

Luckily, she has two yellow dresses. We are rotating them with one on and one in the wash.  I don't dare get behind in the washing of the yellow dresses. 

I've been shopping and shopping for another yellow dress, and I told anyone who asked that she wants a yellow dress for her birthday (which was in September).  So far, nada.  It's a spring color and we are still a long way from spring.  By then, she'll probably want a brown dress.

I did find some yellow fabric at Walmart recently. It  is pretty cute - all yellow with bumblebees printed on it. I'm going to whip up a little dress for her and add one more dress to her wardrobe.

When a two year old wants to wear yellow in November, the social rules of fashion do not apply. Mom and her sewing machine to the rescue!


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Little kids are so funny! Melissa went through a stage where she only wanted to wear 101 Dalmation stuff. I had to go to ebay to find stuff.

Michelle said...

That's hilarious! Annnnnnd yeah it sounds totally typical. I had to explain to Little Miss's teachers that she did in fact own more than three outfits - one of which she wore three times a week until I put the kibosh on that.