Thursday, September 13, 2007

Balancing Act

As you know, I'm going to college full time while raising princesses. This is a careful balancing act on my part. I admit it.... I feel like I'm wobbling too far in both directions - like a tight rope walker about to fall. That'd be me; I'm a circus star!

Albeit, a falling star.

I picked up two more classes giving me 18 credits this semester. I don't have time for one credit, let alone 18. I've decided I'm just insane, so what the helk. Rephrasing Forest Gump, Insanity is as insanity does.

This morning I am worrying about my daughter's math test, reading Beowulf, watching Sesame Street, doing dishes and laundry, and letting the toddler out to run through the sprinklers. Forgot what I am reading already. Oh yeah, Calvinist theory as it applies to western literature.

Yesterday, I skipped three classes. Baby Princess had a high fever and she was "exploding". This is her very first illness, aside from vaccine reactions. So, I stayed home most of the day with her. As soon as my frazzled hubby came home and muttered something about working from home tonight on the computer (he's working two jobs and picking up extra hours at one), I grabbed my books and headed out muttering something about diarrhea and drove away before he could respond. Poor daddy. He's overworked but he loves his daddy-daughter time, so it may have been good for both of them. I heard they had some nice snuggle time in the rocking chair.

I hope I can balance mom duties with being a college student. I am sure to be wobbling between the demands of both. Hopefully I won't fall - oh heavens, if I do I just wanna do it gracefully!

I need to go out and buy a vacuum cleaner belt and pick up some African literature from the library. Then we'll come home and watch "Cars". Balancing insanity, that's my plan for today.


Manic Mom said...

Hope you're baby's doing OK! I wouldn't call it "skipping" classes--that's totally legit!

thanks for the nice comment over at MM--but NO MORE BABIES FOR ME!

Rayne said...

Wow! You really have taken on a lot! Just remember, when things seem to be completely overwhelming, turn everything off, curl up some where away from the computer and the phone and eat lots of chocolate.