Saturday, November 24, 2007

We're Back!

We're back. We drove almost 4,000 miles through all sorts of weather. We had a busy week, saw all the relatives but we still missed Thanksgiving. We had lots of quality time together as a family doing silly things like.... talking to each other, singing to the radio, counting how many times we've each been through Las Vegas, silly things like that.

During the trip we encountered all sorts of weather. We went from 91 degrees to 1 degree. I had to buy the teens some coats! We crossed the desert and went over the snow covered mountains. The trip took us through six states.

We only had one "incident" on the trip. My baby burned her hand on Great Grandma's furnace, which is a propane stove in her living room. The burn is a second degree and didn't warrant a trip to the ER but we were all just sick over it. She has blisters but is using her hand just fine. Looks like its healing nicely.

We went on this spontaneous trip halfway across America because my father-in-law passed away last Tuesday. My husband and 16 yr old daughter left on Monday in hopes of seeing him before he passed on, but they didn't quite get there in time. I left with the rest of the crew on Tuesday afternoon. The funeral services were very nice. During the family visitation, my husband held our little one while he stood at the casket and without prompting, she pointed and said "Grampa" for the very first time. It was a very special moment. I think that one moment will last a long long time in our hearts.

We did have a nice time together on the trip (despite the funeral, weather and burn). Here are some pictures from the road. Just fun stuff here... we only take fun photos!
Oh, by the way... the Las Vegas count is as follows: Katie - 15 times, Lexie 17 times, Gracie 6 times, Sandy the dog 11 times.


Kayla J said...

Hi Mary! SOrry I haven't been around. I've been sick and busy and all that stuff. Sounds like you've been busy too. SOrry to hear about your father-in-law.

Yes, soother is the same as pacifier. I can't believe you're STILL breast feeding! You're super woman. (your poor tatas!!!!!!)

Elodie's good, although she got her fingers stuck in the shower drain this morning and ended up slicing them on the sides. Poor baby!!! Talk soon, okay?

onthegomom said...

So sorry to hear about your father-in-law but your trip sounded like SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!! Your girls are absolutely gorgeous. I loved the first picture of just their faces and the furry coats... beautiful! Glad you made it half way across America and back safely!

Oh and just for fun... I have never been to Vegas.

suburbancorrespondent said...

Poor baby! I know what you mean - once my then-8-month-old's hand blistered because I handed her a carrot that was too hot, and I felt sick to my stomach every time I looked at it.

That was quite a journey - I'm impressed.

B. Fred said...

Losing a loved one is soo... hard, I have to quit getting that moisture in the eye. The pictures are wondeful. The girls are beautiful, the dog looks like fun (as long as he doesn't bring in a ton of mud---where did that idea come from---does he retrieve?), but where's Keith? Tell him not to be so camera shy.

Please keep us up-dated on Gracie's hand.