Monday, February 4, 2008

All By Myself

"All By Myself"..... sing it with me.... "I took a shower, All By Myself!"

It was fabulous! Yesterday I spent a good long time alone in the shower. Just me. Nobody banging on the door. No toddler trying to get in the shower with me. No husband walking in on me. I truly appreciated not being bothered. It was a rare and glorious 20 minutes of solitude.

Our bathroom doesn't have a door between it and our bedroom. It's this master suite with an open design. Yeah. Hippies built our house! No privacy! Even though I lock the bedroom door, my husband sticks a little screwdriver in the lock and lets himself in. Then he leaves the door open. The teens go in an out. They too know how to pick the lock. They also know I can't get away and they take these opportunities to whine about whatever it is that I cannot fix for them anyway. In the meantime I am cowering in the corner behind a bottle of shampoo and a bar of soap screaming "Get Out!". The dog likes to watch too. I must be very entertaining while in the shower!

Usually I cannot take a shower without Baby Princess. And I don't mind if she comes in too. She likes the shower and its about the only time I can scrub her head without her pitching a fit. Washing her hair in the tub is like scrubbing a screaming tornado.

Taking a shower under the supervision of a toddler is an experience in itself.
Whaz zat? Toes? Yes, toes.
Whaz zat? Knee. Yes, knee.
Knee. Owie. No, honey, that's a scar. It doesn't hurt.
Whaz zat? Tum. Yes, thumb.
Whaz zat? Ewww Poop. No, honey, that's not poop. That's my butt. Poop goes in the potty. Poop? No, Butt.
Whaz zat? Eye? Ow! Yes, that's my eye. You just poked me in the eye!

This is about the time the dog tries to lick the water off my leg. And someone will bang on the door and yell "Mom! where's my.....???"

Not yesterday. Sing with me again... "All by myself.... I took a shower all by myself.... Until the water ran cold I was ... All By Myself!"


Fannie Mae said...

Ahh, bliss!

Barbara Doduk said...

Hi, I am tracking down all the lovely people who have been awarded my Spreader of Love Award. You have a great blog here, well deserved.

B @ The Love Blog

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

We too, have the open bathroom setup. Ours is an archway, so I installed a decorative rod and nice curtains, which I pull closed for privacy. That way, even if they breach the door I've still got a shot at a little privacy!

Alone time is a beautiful thing.

onthegomom said...

AHHHH, a little piece of Heaven! We have ONE bathroom (5 people-1 bathroom), SOMEONE usually comes in when I am in there, unless I shower at 5 am, then NO ONE DOES! :-)

Holly said...

It's so nice when you're all alone, with all that nice hot water!

Shelley said...

Oh, I have that bedroom/bathroom setup too. Thank goodness there is a separate little toilet room with a door, but yeah...NO privacy for the shower at all, unless you lock the bedroom door. Mine's an archway too, like Jenn's, and I really like her curtain idea!