Friday, February 8, 2008

Prince Charming was in the kitchen

I don't post much about my husband. He's fairly well behaved. But he was in MY kitchen last night! I just spent a couple of hours cleaning up after him.MI Stick

He made beer. His first batch of home brewed beer. It's going to be great! But, that man can sure make a mess. Last night he was bottling his brew. Bottling the beer involves... bottles mostly. Caps, crimper, buckets, lids, tubing, thermometers, long spoons, etc. After he was all done bottling I told him "You better rinse out your tube" Giggle! That sounded funny!

An hour later I said "Did you clean out your tube?" Giggle! I'm so easily amused!

When I went to bed just before midnight I said to the man.... "Clean your beer equipment or you'll ruin it and have to buy all that stuff all over again". There. I spoke to his wallet this time. Around 1:30am I woke up and heard water running and a lot of clanging and banging in the kitchen. Good, Prince Charming was cleaning his mess!

Oh my goodness is all I could say when I got up this morning. Sure, the tubing was clean, but everything else was half scrubbed, soaking in soapy water, scattered here and there, and just in general chaos. Good thing he went to work or I'd have to beat him with his beer spoon!

Not only that but he scrubbed the bottles in the bathtub. Oh yeah, there are labels in my bathtub along with extra bottles, a ring in the tub, beer boxes, bleach, scrub brushes.... and just in general sloppy messiness. MI Stick

I know I should have just left it for him to take care of tonight, but I wanted some breakfast. So, I got to work and cleaned it all up and put away and made breakfast too. What a crazy mess! That beer better be good; I think I earned a couple of bottles.

Good thing he's so darn charming!


onthegomom said...

UGH! That is how my kitchen looks each and every time my husband enters it to cook (which is SELDOM!) He owes you a couple bottles of that beer AND a night out on the town :-)

Fannie Mae said...

Um..that beer? had better be AWESOME!

Holly said...

Well, I'm sure he meant well!!!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

My husband brews beer as well--although I must say he's an amazing cleaner-upper (that and I'm a raging shrew to anyone who leaves me a mess).

Naming the beer is the fun part! Well, drinking it is pretty good too.

Mary said...

He named it Honey Hefewiezen.

I'm glad I cleaned up after him in the morning, gave me all day to shop for unnecessary things while he was at work. And, I picked out a great bookcase for the next time I'm out revenge shopping.

Living With Cavemen said...

That beer better taste good! Revenge shopping is always best. Sorry you had to clean up his mess and yes, good thing you love him.