Monday, February 25, 2008

Endless Enchilada Hangover

I have finally recovered from my Endless Enchilada Hangover. My husband and I went out for lunch with some friends on Saturday (no kids!) and we all ordered the Endless Enchiladas. So delicious!!! I'm drooling just thinking about it.

I'm not sure why I thought I was a starving lumberjack, but I sure ate like one! After loading up on chips and salsa - which is the very best salsa ever! - I had a beef enchilada and a cheese & onion enchilada plus the rice and beans on the side. So good! I cleaned up my plate and the waiter brought more! Endless....

I can never finish a whole plate of food at On The Border, so now here comes plate number two. Rice, beans and a chicken and another cheese & onion. Yum! I ate two bites. "Una caja, por favor"

Mr. Nice Waiter kept bringing the chips and salsa and refilling my lemonade too. I kept eating the chips and salsa and sucking down the lemonade like I hadn't eaten or quenched my thirst in a week.

I was so miserable. I waddled out to the van and got in the side door like a walrus getting pushed onto the ice. I spent the next 24 hours bloated and miserable. I've never had an enchilada hangover! It's bad. The next 24 hours I wasn't miserable, but I was still feeling full. These Endless Enchiladas are sticking with me for an endless bloaty weekend!

Finally, it's Monday and I feel back to normal. I've recovered from my Endless Enchilada bender. I've never been so drunk on Mexican food. It was awesome but my tummy paid the price. I'd do it again in a minute too!!! So gooooooooood!!!!!!


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Isn't it amazing how you could eat like that when you were *younger* with no repercussions, but now . . .!

onthegomom said...

OMG, that sounds so good. I have had chinese food hangover's before. It lasted about 12 hours. But I still eat it.

I might seriously have to be checking out that endless enchilada soon!

Oh and I hope your eye is better!

Mary said...

My eye is still showing a small bruise, but it's almost gone! Thanks for asking.

I highly recommend anything at OTB. Totally worth the Mexican food hangover!

Living With Cavemen said...

Do they have OTB endless enchilada anonymous? Or enchilada rehab? Glad you have recovered.