Monday, July 28, 2008

DWP - Driving While Pregnant

You've heard of Preggo-Brain, haven't you? For those of you who haven't... it's very common for pregnant women to get a bad case of the stupids, forgetfulness, lack of memory, can't add, etc. I've got it. Oh, I've got it bad.

Combine preggo-brain with driving and you've got.... Me! A little dangerous, but most people seem to look out for me pretty well and stay out of my way.

I was driving and my friend was in the passenger seat, our toddlers strapped down tight in the back and we were navigating around the streets and parking lots of an awesome shopping area. Look for cars? Shoot, I was trying to spot our next stop!

While I was driving, my friend whips out her iphone and gets online to post a message... here it is...

Mary is gonna KILL me!!! HELLLLLLLP! If I dont make it out alive tell my family I love them!! hahaha juuuust kidding! however preggo brain and driving are not a good mix! LoL Mary Gracie Bella and I are out and about shopping and just had lunch! we will update on our adventures when we get home!!! oh yeah and neer neer I got to rub the belly!!

I didn't kill my friend - not for lack of trying though. Cars should lookout for ME! Not the other way around, sheesh!

Conversation in the van went something like this:

Things I said: What? I stop? I don't? They stop? Oh, forget it, I'll just go. Which way am I going? Did you see that? That guy flipped me off! Oh, whoops, didn't see that one.

Things she said: AAAAAA! EEEEEEE! OMG! MARY!!!

The toddlers had a blast together! OMG they were hilarious!!! It was so fun watching them enjoy being together. We had such a nice day, we're gonna have to do it again! She offered to drive next time. I'm not worried though, I don't think you can actually get a ticket for DWP. You just have to pray a lot and get outa my way!


Memarie Lane said...

When I was pregnant with Max, I actually lost my car in the library parking lot. That's right, the library, not Disneyland or some other place with a massive parking lot. Had to have the security guard come help me find it. Luckily the security guard turned out to be a pregnant woman.

Wolfpak5 said...

DWP is no excuse. I personally think this sounds more like OPD

Living With Cavemen said...

LOL! Good thing everyone was looking out for you. Preggo brain is responsible for so much.