Sunday, August 3, 2008

Nesting or Going Crazy?

Not sure if I qualify as "Nesting" or "Going Crazy". Maybe a bit of both.

I've been washing everything in sight. I took apart all of my strollers and scrubbed them down. They really weren't very dirty either. Do you know how much work that is? There are screws and little gizmos to hook and fasten all over the place!

I also took apart three carseats and scrubbed down all the pieces and parts of those. And the baby swing. Bouncy seats are next.

I bought two double strollers. Couldn't decide between side by side or one behind the other for seating arrangement. Decided to get both! For you stroller enthusiasts.... I got a Peg Perego Aria Twin and a Graco Duo Glider. Both used, I didn't go all out. My fleet of strollers now needs its own garage stall.

I put two coats of primer on the nursery walls. Today, it's going pink! Pretty soon it will be a cute little girl room for the toddler and the baby (actually, the baby's stuff. Baby is sleeping with me!)

I started to clean the garage. Now that's a project that I'll never finish. So, I scrubbed the kitchen down instead. I sort of discovered my limits. I'm just too round to clean the garage.

All this.... and then I decided to go house hunting. Look for a new nest! I've been finding some interesting homes, and some good ones too. Definitely some homes worth considering! I have mostly been looking online, but I did tour three homes and got an agent to help me find something with all the essentials that are important to me.

All of this has just been in the last three days. I can't sleep. My list of things I really want to get done keeps growing in my head, so I have been waddling around doing as much as I can.

Well, I'm off to go throw in some baby laundry and paint that room!


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I think you need to start school!

Alicia said...

sounds like you are having some fun over there in cali! is the heat getting to you dear???

Kate said...

Wow, you've been busy! I helped a nesting friend take apart her old stroller and clean it. I was impressed by how much was involved.

Is some heavy duty resting in your near future?

Mary said...

Ha, Jenn.... I really don't need any more to do! But, I do start school on the 26th. Wonder if you will be in my class again?

Alicia... YES! The heat is unbearable. Thankfully, we have AC, ice cream, Popsicles and cold showers.

Kate, I hope not! I have an ultrasound this week - each ultrasound determines whether I can stay active or if I will be put on bedrest. It's always a toss up till they do all their fancy measuring. I'm sure I will take it easy soon enough.

Living With Cavemen said...

Hahaha...maybe a bit of both?

Glad to hear you are getting so much done. Hope you are finding time to kick back and relax between frenzies of whirlwind energy work outs.

Good luck on the house hunting. I hope you find something you like. I bet your nest is getting a bit cramped these days.

Memarie Lane said...

When Jessamine was born I got the Duo Glider. I'd been told that the side-by-side ones are nice in theory, but that they don't fit through most doorways. The Duo Glider was great when Max was a toddler and Jessamine was a baby, but I traded it with a friend for her Sit n' Stand which I very highly recommend once the baby has grown out of her infant seat. It's like a regular single stroller on the front, and behind that seat is a bench for the older child. There are also handles and a strap so the older child can stand up and ride, and it still has a basket and cupholders and everything.

I don't get the cleaning bug when I nest, at least not to an extreme. With Jessamine I just wanted to bake all the time. With this one? Nothing yet. :P

Kate said...

Oh no! No bedrest! I've had friends on extended bedrest and they were miserable. Lying down and watching TV sounds like fun for about 3 hours.

Wolfpak5 said...

It sounds like nesting to me. I was always cleaning before mine were born. You do need to rest and not over tax yourself. Need you healthy for my visit in Oct.

desirae said...

It sounds like to me that you are trying to send yourself into labor.. SLOW DOWN!!! Forget driving while pregnant being scary.. I'm thinking the cleaning while pregnant is scarier.. lol.. Summer's almost over, better sit down and relax (at least one day.)...

Shelley said...

Good Lord woman...maybe I should get pregnant again just so something will get done around here! Ha, just kidding, had my tubes tied with the last one. But seriously, I remember in my third trimester with the last kid all I wanted to do was lie down. You are amazing!