Wednesday, July 16, 2008

If A Photo Is Worth 1,000 Words.....

I uploaded 1,097 photos of our weekend at my Gramma's 100th Birthday Party! It took me a while, but I finally got it done. They are up and online. Yippee!

The photos are from 5 cameras. I had to sort and discard quit a few. Lots of duplicates and some fuzzy pictures. Probably from all the laughing. I didn't spend the whole weekend with a camera fused to my face. My mother did though.

I didn't add a link to the photos to our family website yet. We had an update from our host server which required a new password, darned if I know what it is. And I use a combination of Front Page and Picassa to update our site, which is just too complicated for my preggo brain right now. So, I used Picassa Web Albums and made 15 folders of photos sorted by event - Ta Da!!! It's done!

Now, I just need to catch up on scanning the baby's last photo shoot pictures - yay, more 3D ultrasound images!!!

I'm so behind on all this picture stuff. Having too much fun to spend sitting at the scanner.

In other news..... I went swimming yesterday. Ahhhhh, felt so wonderful!!! But when I got out, ugh, 20 pound belly felt so heavy!


Kate said...

Hooray! I love pictures. Once I find a good place to print them... Argh.

Living With Cavemen said...

Only 1,000 some photos? LOL...Yeah, we are pretty snap happy