Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Big Party!

My Grandma Gracie turned 100 years old! Wow! What a birthday bash! I'm posting a few of the hundreds of photos we took. It was a three day party including cake, cake and more cake... the best fireworks show ever, tons of family and friends, picnics and great food, and really beautiful weather. The birthday girl had a blast! We all did!

Here's one of her delicious cakes: It is a full sheet, and it was so pretty, this picture doesn't do it justice.

This is the birthday girl on the right. My Great Aunt Spuddie on the left, she's only 98. Spuddie broke her kneecap a month ago, but she was running around faster than me at the party. They made her bring a walker, she parked it and never touched it. See, attitude runs in my family.

The museum in town put up a huge display of my Grandma's personal things with pictures and all . Here is a section of the display. There was a lot more!

Ok, it wasn't all pretty cake, old ladies and museums. There was a merry-go-round too! Fun!!!

And there was entertainment. Here are two of my princesses singing and playing music for the crowd. The kid in the middle is dating my oldest princess. We took him along to see if my family would scare him and make him run home crying. He didn't. He passed the family tolerance test with flying colors! Good boy!

Cowboys in kilts. Doesn't everyone have Scottish cowboys in their family?

This is how my family got from place to place. The bus driver would take a load and come back for the rest. And you thought I drove my mini-van!

This is how my 100 yr old Gramma got around. On the back of a Harley Davidson!

She also got a ride in a one-horse buggy.

Just for fun, I thought I'd throw in this cute picture of an adorable baby! Awwwww, he's so cute!

Happy 100th Birthday, Gracie!!!


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

It looks like you had an absolute blast!

desirae said...

Happy birthday to your grandma Gracie.. She looks good.. Way younger than what I think 100 should look like.. I feel bad for all you guys having to ride on the hot sweaty bus with seats sticky with sweat while she got to go roaring around town on a bike, with the wind making a nice breeze on her.. (Love all the new pics, those are new ones of princess's two and three and you right?? On the sidebar?? Well even if they aren't and I am just no noticing them, I love them....)

Memarie Lane said...

I'll have to show Brad the cowboys in kilts. He's learning to play the bagpipes right now, and I'm not convinced that his motive was anything other than the excuse to wear a kilt.

B. Fred said...

Go, Granny, Go! She looks great! So does Auntie. What a family. I miss seeing you all hanging out and having fun!


Living With Cavemen said...

It really was the party of the century! It was fun seeing you Mary.

Vick said...

Holy wow - Happy Birthday to your grandma Gracie!!