Friday, August 8, 2008

Verdict: Going Crazy

I last asked.... am I nesting or going crazy? I've decided I've gone from nesting to crazy in a whirlwind!

I got a lot done last week. A lot! Not everything... certainly not everything. But, I did do a lot. Wore myself out! The more I did, the more I wanted to get done. And then it hit me....

All this reorganizing and rearranging is just silly. When we moved into this house, we were a family of 4. Now we are a family of 6! SIX!!! In six weeks, there will be 6 of us! What we really need.... is a new bigger house!

Yeah... a bigger house.... more square footage.... more closets..... more bedrooms..... Yeah.....

I don't think it helped that my husband was gone for a week and wasn't home to tame my wild ideas.

I first turned to the internet. Craigslist! I actually found a number of homes listed. Score! I went house hunting, toured a few, contacted a real estate broker.... oh, better call the hubby and tell him why he's working his ass off and where his paycheck is gonna go.... heeee hehee heee

I emailed him some links and photos of the places I looked at. He was actually kind of impressed! When he got home I took him to a few of my favorites. He was a little uneasy sneaking past the No Trespassing signs, but hey, how else you gonna see these without an appointment? He got all excited, like a little boy opening Christmas presents!

We have been on the hunt ever since. We went on a "brown lawn" tour of town looking for bank owned repos. Those are the best priced homes! And that's when we found it.... our dream home!

Brown lawn... dead overgrown weeds.... and a big beautiful bank owned home! We were so excited! But we couldn't get in. It has everything we want, we think. We were drooling all over that lot! We got into the yard and peeked in the windows. Ran straight home and looked it up online. Oh, wow! That's OUR house!!! We called a different realtor, and she gave us the nitty gritty. Including the bad news....

Sale Pending.

We continued our search, but we really want that one dream house! We are so awful; we're just wishing and praying that someone's financing will fall through so we can grab it! Keep your fingers crossed for us that we can beat out the other buyers and "nest" in a new nest!


Kate said...

Oooo! New house fun! And being so pregnant is the best excuse ever to insist on getting movers! Maybe even the kind who pack it for you as well. Okay, maybe I just overshared about one of my fantasies... :)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I hate moving so much I just add on to the house I already have!

Living With Cavemen said...

I hope the sale falls through, and you guys can snatch it up! Keeping my fingers crossed that you get your dream home. As much as I hate moving, but more space and your dream home certainly makes it worth while. :)