Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy 20th Birthday to Princess Katie!

She's TWENTY years old!!! I can barely believe she's been my little daughter for so long! Ha ha, she's not so little, she's five inches taller than me.

Here is my first born in pictures:

A few hours old:

Her first birthday after she puked on her birthday cake and was put in the hospital for an IV because she dehydrated from a stomach flu:

Her second birthday, and no, she wasn't drinking beer... that's Daddy's and he put it down for a second while he took the picture! Looks funny!

Age 3, winning first runner up in the Miss Walmart Pagent at the local mall

Age 6, she cut her own hair and had very few teeth

Age 13 and on the 8th grade volleyball team

Age 14 with her first Driver's License!

Graduating from high school at age 18

And here she is now, age 20! (well, this picture is *almost* age 20 since it was taken a month or so ago) This is her best friend on her 20th birthday.


Wolfpak5 said...

Happy Birthday Katie!!! Enjoy the day and have fun.

Laurel Merz said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! She is gorgeous. You are good at building ladies!!

Beth said...

Happy Birthday, Katie! I shared your music with Nathan, just recently. He was impressed. Congratulations on reaching that 20 mark.


Kate said...

Happy (belated) 20th birthday, Katie!

Shelley said...

Happy birthday, Katie!!

Living With Cavemen said...


Sending you loves, hugs, and good birthday wishes.