Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday Morning Coffee

Every Saturday morning, I call my mother and my grandmother and we have coffee together. I talk to my mom on the phone while Grandma listens to Mom's end of the conversation. We usually talk for an hour or so.

It's funny because we gab for such a long time, but if you were to ask me what we talk about I'd have to say "Nothing". We just talk! We talk about the weather, books, the kids, outings, school, the library, the old days, museum displays, haircuts, parties, gossip, and much much more. Usually we leave out the heavy stuff like politics and solving all of the world's problems. We do occasionally resolve the world's biggest issues, but the world leaders have not yet tapped our conversations and so they do not catch on to our suggestions.

My family sleeps in on Saturday mornings. I love the quiet time and its the only opportunity I have for a nice long coffee break on the phone. I don't mind getting out of my cozy warm bed when everyone else is sleeping, in fact, I look forward to my Saturday mornings!

Since we live 1,000 miles apart, having Saturday morning coffee is so nice! We've been doing this for years. I've forgotten when we started this as a regular thing. It's become a fixture in my week; no matter what we're doing, we squeeze in our Saturday coffee time. I love Saturday mornings!


Mom Taxi Julie said...

That's cool! I talk to my mom on the phone about random stuff too. I wish my Grandma was still around to talk with.

Michelle said...

Oh, I love it! That's such a great idea and such a neat tradition. Can you imagine doing it with a fourth generation added on? Keep that one alive!

Living With Cavemen said...

It's a great tradition & they love it too. :)

Kate said...

That sounds like a wonderful way to spend a quiet Saturday morning!

Kathy said...

That sounds like a wonderful tradition!! what a wonderful way to spend the morning!