Thursday, March 26, 2009


Continuing with a full update on the six of us… today we have Princess Grace Margaret:

Gracie is potty trained! She was bribed and took the bait, the prizes were good, then they were fair, now they are gone. The diapers are gone too. Except for “Jammie diapers” at night. She really wanted to sleep in her panties one night and I let her. She’s not ready. I did a lot of laundry! We took her to Disneyland for her birthday – super fun! Even though she was excited beyond belief, she didn’t have any potty accidents during the outing. A couple of days before our Disneyland adventure, I had to make an alteration to her carseat cover when she had an accident riding in the carseat. Her carseat cover is washable, if you can get it off. I solved that problem with a pair of scissors. I’ve taken it off before and washed it. This is a complicated process that requires uninstalling the seat, taking screws out, removing the back plastic panel, remove the straps, ta-da! I’ve had enough of that and with potty training; I decided to make a design improvement to the seat cover. Evenflo should thank me.

She got a Dora talking tricycle for her birthday too. With pedals! She doesn’t understand how to ride with pedals though, they are just in the way as she pushes her trike Fred Flintsone style. She really loves her trike, one of these days she’ll push the pedals and take off like a rocket.

She talks and talks and talks! I understand most of it, not all, but I catch a good deal. Daddy and her sisters catch a lot of what she says. But, most people just have to guess half of it. She is saying more and more all the time, and the amount of speech that comes out clear is also gaining. Pretty soon we’ll all be able to understand every word she says. Till then, you have to settle for about half.

She has a great memory even if she can’t always get her point across. Last week she told the neighbors that the spider on their house was gone, and she was glad. It was big and ugly. It was a Halloween decoration! And she always wants to know why the lights are off. What lights? Christmas lights! When we drive at night she gets so disappointed, “Ahhh, lights is off”.

Gracie wants to be a “weena”. Translation: Ballerina. She makes up her own moves and practices lifting one leg, twirling and now she’s added a new move to her dancing. The splits! She puts one leg straight out front, and one leg bent at the knee out front; her toes are pointing back with that leg. Shoot, I can even do the splits like that!

Our little ballerina princess is gearing up to be a flower girl too. Can a girl be more girly? Well, not to worry, there is still lots of time for cars, trucks, and tractors! She’s still a tom-boy at heart!


Living With Cavemen said...

Wow! Good job on the potty training! I wish I could do the splits like that too.

I'm glad the big ugly spider is gone. I don't like them either.

Wolfpak5 said...

Congrats on the day time potty training. She would make a great ballerina, so would practice so hard when I was there. Glad that she had a great birthday with the princesses.

Shelley said...

Yay for being potty trained! That she wants to be a 'weena is so danged cute!