Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Week Long Weekend

Oh my goodness, we had FUN! What a great weekend! I'm so glad my mom came out here to goof off with me. She didn't object too much to her escape from the remnants of Wyoming Winter. They still have snow and cold temps, so the weekend was extra fun since we had beautiful weather here. In fact, she took home a souvenir sunburn!

It all started on Friday afternoon when Gracie, Libby and I went to the airport to pick up Grandma. Just as we were approaching the airport, we were sitting at a red light and a plane flew very low right over us as it came in for a landing. Gracie said "Grandpa is here!" Grandma was "Grandpa" all weekend. We just couldn't shake that and get it right, but it was close enough and Grandma didn't seem to mind. As soon as Gracie announced Grandma's landing, she also declared that it was time for French Fries.

We picked up Grandma and decided to toodle around the corner and go to Seaport Village. I had never been there, but I'd heard that it was cute and I ought to go sometime. So, we went! It is a cute little place, full of little gift shops and eateries, a couple of fountains, live music, and.... seagulls. Those darn sky rats! One of those big flying pests swooped down and stole Gracie's hamburger! Right in front of her nose! In fact, he hit her head with his wing. Mom and I were so shocked we couldn't react fast enough. Gracie was so mad at that bird; she really gave him a cussing in her own words, but I'm sure he knew she meant business. After we ate, we wandered to stretch and enjoy the scenery, then we rode the carousel and came on home.

Saturday was a full day. More than full, it was overflowing! We got up and had a leisurely start to the day; drank coffee and waited for the fog to lift. It didn't. Mom and I piled in the baby gear and the little girls and off we went. This time we went in a Northwesterly direction over the mountain to San Juan Capistrano. I've wanted to visit the old mission for years and thought it was a lot further away. It only took us a little over an hour to get there, and we drove up and over the fog into a beautiful sunny day. The mission was just as I expected, old and beautiful and full of more history than I could absorb in one visit. Gracie had a great time! Libby soaked it all in with wide eyes. She really seemed to enjoy the day too. We took our time, but still managed to get in a full tour within a few hours.

We had a nice little break at home, caught our breath and regrouped. Then on to the next activity! The Great Family Scatter! Gracie went next door to hang out with the neighbors, Keith and Katie went to San Dimas to the FAWM show where they both performed, Lexie went to work, and Mom, Libby and I dressed up fancy and went to San Diego. Mom and I dropped Libby off with my cousin-in-laws. Then we went to a wedding reception at a nice hotel. Dinner was amazing and then we danced it off! I think Mom and I taught everyone how to do the Chicken Dance, the dance floor was full of wanna-be Chicken Dancers, but we were the rockstars of that one! We didn't know how to do anything else, but hey, it's the Chicken Dance that matters most!

We picked up Libby and left San Diego shortly after 11pm. We started home at a pretty good clip, and then.... the freeway turned into a parking lot. All lanes were stopped. Yes, in the middle of the night, billions of cars were at a stand still. Who are all these people and where are they going? After talking to my husband, we found out that all the lanes were closed about 10 miles ahead for road construction. Keith had us exit, turn around and go around. It may or may not have saved us any time, but driving 70 is much more fun than inching forward. We got home at 2am. We were all dressed up and exhausted!

Sunday was Princess Gracie's 3rd Birthday (one day late, but we didn't tell her that). Gracie was edgy all day long and she cried a lot. Little things set her off. She enjoyed her birthday, but her trigger was easily tripped. She did enjoy her cake and her presents. She didn't want pie. We wanted pie for her birthday, so we got one anyway, but she wanted cake. What kind of cake? Pwincess Birf-day cake. Of course! We like to have pie on her birthday because she was born on Pi day. You know, Pi. 3.14.... March 14th.... get it? We had a nice day with Grandma celebrating Gracie's birthday and just hanging out at home.

Rested up and ready to rock and roll again, we got up Monday morning and headed for the Happiest Place on Earth. Keith was more than happy to call in sick to work and join us. Shhh! Don't tell! The three of us took the little princesses to Disneyland! It was so much fun! I don't think I stopped grinning all day long! We had a great time, but Gracie had the best day of her whole life! That little girl was in awe. Her eyes were as big as the moon, trying to absorb it all. I thought she'd be overwhelmed and we might have some meltdowns, but she only had one because she didn't want to wait in line. She's just like her father. Her favorite part of the day was her visit with the Disney Princesses. Libby loved the Tiki Room and It's a Small World. She was a wide-eyed baby all day long. She was so happy to be there and loved all the sights! She even rode a few of the rides! Both of the girls were sacked out on the way home. Libby fell asleep on the tram to the parking structure and Gracie konked out as soon as we hit the freeway. We got home in record time, the 91 was free and clear and we rocketed home in the mini-van!

No rest for the weary, Tuesday we were out the door by 7:30am. Normally Gracie and Libby go to their sitters on Tuesdays, but today we were changing things up a bit. Gracie stayed home with her big sisters and they took her to the beach as soon as Lexie got done with school at noon. And Libby came with me. First we drove down to San Diego to drop Grandma off at the airport. Libby gave her a special goodbye and made her a stinky squishy present, Grandma didn't want it so I had to change the poop explosion right there in the airport. She needed an entire clothing change. Ewww! Once she was clean again, Grandma got some very nice hugs from Libby! Once Grandma was through the security gate, I hit the road again and went to school. Libby came to college with me and enjoyed another day in the life of academia. She had enough of class and exploded again, so we just snuck out and didn't return to class. Another baby wipe bath was necessary and another entire outfit. We decided to just head to the beach to meet up with the rest of the girls. The beach was nice! Libby was enjoying digging her feet into the sand. Gracie loved the beach! She had so much fun with all of her sisters in the sand and water. She was driving Lexie crazy because she was kicking sand up everywhere, but, it's the beach! I had to cut the afternoon short in order to get the little ones home and turn around and get back to school for my evening class.

Got home at 4:30 which is exactly when I should be hitting the road to get to my evening class. Ugh. Gonna be late. And I still had to change and feed the baby. I sat down to do that and wow, sitting down felt so good! That's when it hit me, the wall of fatigue. I suddenly had no energy, none. So I skipped my evening class and stayed home with everyone. Katie and I discussed wedding venues. Gracie asked me "Where Grandpa go?" about 50 times. Libby napped.

My mom wore me out! We had so much fun! Three trips to San Diego including visits with family, a wedding dinner, Seaport Village, an encounter with a thieving seagull and a ride on the carousel. Two trips northward to San Juan Capistrano and Disneyland. Miles and miles of walking and all of it lots of fun! Our weekend was just shy of a week long, and it was great! Loved having you here, Mom! Come back soon!


Michelle said...

Oh what a fun weekend. I love that Gracie called her grandpa :)

And pi day? BRILLIANT! My sister's birthday is the 14th, but my mom never did that and none of us thought of that. I'm *this* close to calling my mom to talk to her about that. But she's long ago in bed. Tomorrow.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

What a busy weekend! Sounds like fun though! I wish we lived close enough to go to Disneyland for one day, we have to make it a couple days to make it worth the drive.

Wolfpak5 said...

Even tho Mom was only here for a few hours, I did get the scoop on the fun weekend. I didn't get to see her photos yet. When I dropped her off at home I had to get going because we had class that day, then she left before lunch on Wednesday back to Meeteetse. That was the day I got my new teeth.