Tuesday, March 24, 2009


It’s time for a full update on the Chaotic Six – us. One at a time though, otherwise this would be a very very very long blog post. Not that there is anything wrong with that…

Let’s start with Princess Elizabeth:

Libby is creeping up on being 6 mths old! Wish pregnancy would go this fast! Holy cow, it has just whipped on by! I haven’t been posting often for a variety of reasons, but mostly because the time is flying faster than I am.

Libby seems to be finally over her bronchitis. She only had it for months! She is 18 pounds and I moved her to a convertible carseat. She is much happier in the car now. Yay! She’s still not a fan of red lights, but neither am I. Gracie has taken 3 or 4 trips halfway across the country and back in her carseat (gosh, how many?), so I decided to get the same one for Libby. It's obviously very comfortable.

She is rolling, but not rolling all over the house, she just does one flip at a time. She scoots backward while on her belly, and twirls too, so she is getting around a wee bit. Gracie has been banned from dragging her across the floor, although she didn’t get rug-burn, her bald spot is growing back in nicely. Her hair is coming in; she’s very fuzzy! Love it! She can sit on her own until she looks up or someone walks by and she follows their movement with her eyes, then she tips over.

She still refuses any pacifiers, bottles (warm, cold, bmilk, water, juice, empty), spoons, baby cereal, baby food, everything. Funny how she clamps her jaw tight and you can’t even get her pinched lips open for a taste. And then, she shoves every toy, shoe, the dog’s paw, fistful of sand, books and blankets in her mouth and explores her world orally. I’m not sure what that means exactly, but I believe I have trouble ahead if this pickiness is any indication.

She is sleeping well. She wakes twice a night now rather than just once. But, she rarely thinks it is playtime when she wakes, she is just hungry and wants to nurse. Last night was of course an exception and she blew raspberries and kicked in her bed for a good long 20 minutes, after I tried for an hour to get her to sleep. After she had her playtime, I rocked her again and she did decide to sleep even though dawn was breaking. Gracie is only waking once during the night now, they swapped. So I’m up three times per night usually, which is just fine. I’m functioning well enough and taking care of them as they need me. Luckily, they rarely both need mommy at the same moment during the night. Again, except for last night when Gracie’s crying woke Libby and Libby’s raspberries kept Gracie awake… I need a nap! zzzzz


Wolfpak5 said...

Before you know it, she will be 18. She sure has changed alot since I was out when she was just a week old.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

She's adorable!

Living With Cavemen said...

Ah yes, big sisters are good at dragging their little sisters around. Just wait for the mischief those two will be up to.

Good luck with the eating. Hopefully that will soon pass. Maybe you'll have to cover her toys in baby food.