Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sis!

Happy Birthday To You!
Happy Birthday To You!
Happy Birrrrrrrrrrrrth Day Dear Patty,
Happy Birthday to You!

Sorry, that's the best singing I can muster. Even reading my singing, you know it's pretty bad. Don'cha?

I do hope you have a nice day today! And if I were there, I'd buy you a drink!

For the rest of you blog readers, this is what my birthday sister sent me a few days ago, she knows things are kinda crazy for my family lately and the mom is who holds it all together! This totally cracked me up!

Thanks for being so in tune with my yearning for a great cup of caffeinated coffee, yet, it needs to soothe and calm my nerves. There sure is a lot of growing up going on around here, and in a hurry, ahhhh.... my sister knows how to give me a great laugh in the middle of the chaos! Thanks. Lets get together for coffee soon!

Happy Birthday, Pat!

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Wolfpak5 said...

Thank You!!! Gary & Jen took me out to dinner last night at the Olive Garden. It was delicious. Wondering if I will get any cake today?