Friday, June 5, 2009

Ten Dollah Torture? I do good job!

Don't Fear the Unibrow!

*Not really me

Really, what is wrong with a nice full temple to temple eyebrow? I've been blessed in the way of eyebrowness. I am lucky enough to have a big black bristley beautiful eyebrow. Just one. It goes all the way across and I rather like it!

I take a lot of flack for my lovely brow. It usually doesn't bother me, I know you are all jealous. But recently I've been in this crazed quest to look like a girl and I caved under the pressure from the nice smiling lady at the Nail Salon.

Lexie and I went to get pedicures together for her birthday. Pedicures.... Ahhhhh! Heaven! My toes are so pretty now! And the massage, wowza, sweet! Anyway... this lady there said to me in broken English, "Wax your eyebrow? Oh yes, you need, oh yes". I noticed her use of the singular.

I protested, "oh, no, no thank you". Lexie said "Come'on Mom, you'll love the way it looks, just do it". Little miniature imaginary Katie appeared on my left shoulder saying "Do it, Mom! For my wedding! Do it!" and little imaginary Bonnie (my sister) appeared on my right shoulder saying, "Do it! I did and I'm the biggest wuss ever born! Do it!" The nice lady said "I do good job, you like very much".

Next thing you know, I've got hot wax on my fur lined forehead and a quick YANK later, gone. Goodbye unibrow. You were kind and fuzzy and now you are stuck to a wax strip with a very nice lady saying "ohhhh, lotta hair".

I can't believe I did that. Now I look like this:
*Also, not really me
Pretty, eh?


Jen H said...

WOW! I had no idea a quick waxing can do such a magical makeover!

Kate said...

Mwahaha! I love the painted-on eyebrow look. It's even better when paired with the darker lipliner than your lipstick look!

I really need to mow my brow.

Michelle said...

Try threading next time :) But hey, I bet you look fantastic!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

My oldest got hers done today too. She whined for about an hour afterwards. TG mine is "pluckable" lol

Wolfpak5 said...

Can't wait to see your pretty new eyebrows.

Living With Cavemen said...

Bahahahahahaa! I'm so proud of you!! Glad you survived the torture. Trust me it doesn't hurt as bad the more you do it. I'm getting mine done on Friday. I'm also getting my lashes tinted.