Tuesday, June 9, 2009


The invasion of family and friends begins today! We're expecting about 30 - 50 people (ok, I know that's a pretty big window, but I haven't had much coffee yet. Who can count before the caffeine kicks in?). With a graduation and a wedding in the next couple of weeks, this place will busier than LAX.

I've been busy whipping this house into shape. This poor house has been sadly neglected while I was in college and tending to the baby and trying to stay awake. I had a lady come over and rip down the wallpaper and scrape my walls clean quite a while ago; my intentions were to have the walls and nice and pretty back in March or April. Well.... this happened, that happened, this came up, that came up, next thing you know, it's JUNE!

So... I'll show you what I've been doing in between diaper changes these past few days. Before you see that, you have to see what I was getting rid of. I don't really have a good picture of the ugly wallpaper since I avoided taking pictures of it. It looked like something you'd find in an old run down trailer house.

Last November, Thanksgiving actually:

Three days ago:

About a minute before the first of our company arrived:

I'm ready!!!


Wolfpak5 said...

I'm glad you are ready, because company is coming no matter what. The Gma's left this morning.

Kate said...

Gorgeous! Enjoy the company. =)

Jess said...

Is that Bonnie's backside in the pic?

Love the house Mary! Totally Jealous!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Did you get done 2 minutes before you took the picture? Looks great!

Beth said...

Doesn't that painters' blue tape work wonders? I hate caving in to popular demand but in this case I urge you to make an exception. Masking Tape is definately not the same.

Really nice paint job! I hope everyone pitched in. Have fun with the friends and family visiting.