Sunday, August 30, 2009

Connect the dots

I am perplexed. Mystified. Befuddled.

Poor Baby Yibby (as her sister calls her), she has hives. They come and go and come and go and come and go. They started on Thursday, but weren't bad. At first I thought I was seeing some fresh bug bites and I cursed those creepy crawly things for biting my defenseless little one. But the little "bites" went away after a bit, so all was well. Then, more. Hmmmm. Those went away too. More? Whaaaaaaat?

Friday. More, but bigger and lingering longer. I deduce that these are hives and not bug bites. Saturday, more of the same, but much bigger. And More! Sunday, here we sit all polka dotty.

Some of the hives appear as dots, some as long welts. Some small, some large. Some run into each other and merge. Some are all alone.

I'm slathering her with hydrocortisone cream. It's not working, but I'm still giving it a good try. In the last three days, she's gone through nearly an entire tube. I think I can get one more squeeze out of it! I hate to resort to Benedryl, that stuff is evil in a bottle. When I take Benedryl, I feel loopy, foggy, exhausted. I sleep and wake up still spacey and tired. Since she isn't miserable enough to justify a Benedryl induced coma, I'm not going to give her the stuff.

I am trying to connect the dots. Hmm, what could be the source of this allergy? What is different? Hmmmm. I am coming up with nothing. What's a confused mama to do? Oh, I know! I'll look it up online!

This is what I find, over and over again: Hives may be caused by allergies, viral infections, stress or unknown factors. Treatment: Avoid the allergen causing the hives.

Really? Sigh.


Kallee said...

Landen had that same thing about a month ago. We took him in and turns out he has outside allergies. Hopefully you figure out what's wrong with Yibby. :)
Until then, keep on slathering her with hydrocortisone! :)

Kate said...

Sorry Yibby and sorry Mama! I hope that you're able to find whatever is causing the hives soon.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Jess would get hives like that, we finally figured out she is allergic to grass. Apparently the kind my aunt has in her backyard because when I babysat for her for a month or so they got so big it was like a huge pancake on her leg!!