Friday, August 21, 2009

Tested the Car Seats

Yesterday afternoon, we were on a street with heavy traffic; we had a green light but couldn't go because there wasn't room on the block in front of us so we sat stopped behind another car at the green light, then


Got rear-ended. Keith was driving, I was in the front passenger seat, Libby in the middle row left side, Gracie in the 3rd row right side.

Omg, I was instantly sent into a nervous tizzy, Keith just hit the hazard lights and said "Calm Down", Gracie and Libby were fine. The girls didn't seem to really even notice that we got hit. Of course, I was on the verge of total panic! The lady who hit us was all apologetic, like I cared to hear that, I gave her the stink-eye and turned away from her. I didn't care if she was sorry, sincere or otherwise.

Keith said his neck hurts, but he saw her coming in the mirror and tensed up. He said she was dicking around with either her cell phone or her ipod. I told him he needs to go see the chiropractor tomorrow and bill it to her insurance.

I think I should buy the girls new carseats too. I'm not sure, but I think you are supposed to. And I'm moving Gracie back up to the middle row instead of so close to the back bumper. I'm still a basket case.

The back plastic bumper got dinged, but nothing serious. The hatch door still works and everything seems fine. We are all ok, and most importantly:

The Girls are OK!

Evenflo Triumph Deluxe Convertible Carseats: Pass!


Wolfpak5 said...

Glad to hear that everyone is ok. I think you only need to buy new car seats if they are damaged. I know all about rear end accidents, been in one myself, except I was the one doing the rear ending. I had that tiny KIA Rio and rear ended a huge chevy pickup. I got the worst of the deal. Smashed up my whole front and surprisingly the airbags didn't go off. I was in a tizzy but Jen was calm and collected. I got a ticket, had to pay a fine and was on a deferred sentence for 6 months. This was five years ago.

Kallee said...

I'm glad everybody is ok! Good to know those carseats work! :) Might have to invest in that brand since we are very close to moving Landen up to a bigger carseat! :)

Alicia said...

Glad that you are okay!! When I got rear-ended last year I got all new carseats thanks to the other persons insurance!! You are supposed to get them even if it is a small one! Just think...Brand new ones!! you have to turn the other ones in but hey BRAND NEW Carseats. No crumbs, stains, or twisted straps!!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

They say even if it's a little accident you are still supposed to get a new car seat. You go buy a new one then turn in the receipt to the insurance I believe. Glad everyone is ok!

Rebecca said...

Oh goodness! That is scary! I was told that you need to replace the restraints of the carseats when you are in an accident. I believe you can contact the carseat manufacturer and they can get you new restraints. I can't remember if they said that you have to replace the restraints or the entire carseat. Definitely something to bill to her insurance. I'm glad all is well!