Friday, August 14, 2009

Lookout Soccer Moms - I'm a Ballerina Mom!

It's official. I am the mommy of a ballerina!

I signed Gracie up for Ballet class. I'm sure she'll be graceful! Today I went to the recreation office, paid $52, and signed my name a few times on various fine print waivers. Next stop was Target where we became the proud owners of a ballerina leotard, tights and ballerina slippers. That makes it official! She's a ballerina!

I then went to the library to find out about storytime. Dates, times, etc. Of course, the librarian on duty didn't know anything about it and said the information should be out any day now. I should come back soon. I left thinking I will just check the website. Gracie is going to attend "Library School" once a week for storytime.

Ballet classes and Library storytime are my ploy to prepare the tot for the world of organized instruction. Let's call it "Pre-Preschool". My goals for her Pre-Preschool education are for her to learn how to listen, follow instructions, understand that someone other than Mom and Dad can be in charge, and behave appropriately in a group setting. I'm not out to make her a champion reader at age three or a land the role of Clara in the local Nutcracker performance; I am just hoping for some understanding of how to be a part of an organized social activity. I think this year of Pre-Preschool will help Gracie conduct herself in real school and make her education experience a better one by avoiding time-out on the very first day of school!


Mmom said...

good luck!!!

Living With Cavemen said...

It'll be good for her. We did that with Kevin too. We didn't put him in ballet, but gymnastics instead. She'll learn lots of social rules, and have fun at the same time. Good job, ballerina mom. I can't wait to see photos and hear dance stories. :)