Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Little of This, Little of That

It's time for an update, but I don't have much of anything to report. Just tidbits of chaos. That's how we live out our days though, we do a little of this and a little of that and next thing you know, the day is done. And the days go so fast!

Katie broke her arm. Actually, she fractured her right radial head (elbow). My poor girl! I still don't know what happened; she fell. That doesn't explain much but I'm sure there is a story. Her husband just graduated from Powerschool (I think) and he starts his next phase of Navy school in the same location. For his graduation, his parents went to visit the kids. When Katie fell, her husband and her inlaws were there. Are you confused yet? Me too. Anyway, she's fine now, just a little bit broken.

Lexie didn't start college. She is still "taking a break". Guess she is turning into her mother! Katie too, for that matter. Anyway, Lexie got a job in the mall for the holidays and the store decided to keep her. She's busy juggling her two jobs and not making any money because it all goes into the gas tank to get to and from her jobs. Vicious circle.

Gracie and Libby are quite the duo! Constantly busy! Gracie is learning her letters and numbers, so we are reading everything! Ever read a book letter by letter? Libby is funny because now she points at letters and says E E E I I E O E E... She gets them right once in a while. Gracie is catching on fast! I took the little girls to the library in the next town over and they have a little used bookstore around the corner with library discards (our library does the same thing). I let the littles pick out a few books and I grabbed a couple of paperbacks for Lexie and me. The prices ranged from 25 cents to a dollar, pretty good price for some quality entertainment! Libby grabbed up a book with Mickey Mouse on the cover and she's been loving Minnie Mouse a lot lately so that seemed like a great one. Sure enough, that book is awesome! It's all about Mickey and Minnie walking around Disneyland going on the rides and seeing the attractions. Very fun for us to read!

It's been raining so much lately. We got pretty soggy, but we didn't wash away. We have been going a little crazy from being cooped up too long. Things are still pretty wet. The girls went out to play yesterday and they were so busy having a grand ol' time making "Hot Soup". It was a bucket of very cold rain water, dirt, rocks, leaves. They were stirring like mad and they just kept making their "Hot Soup" for a long time! I got a lot done while they played. I just went ahead and let them get wet and muddy and cold, it was worth it. They're washable.

Tomorrow, I'm taking them to Disneyland. I'm a bit worried because the Small World ride is closed according to the website. I can't imagine skipping the Small World ride. Wish us luck! But they have Princess Tiana in the princess meet and greet lineup, so I'm hoping we get lucky and get to see her. Gracie would be thrilled! The real excitement will be meeting an online friend of mine. I've never met her in real life but I have been talking to her online quite frequently since we met on a pregnancy forum over 4 yrs ago. Our little girls are almost the same age, both coming up on turning 4! Libby wants to see Minnie Mouse. We all have our favorite character we're hoping to see tomorrow. Wonder if my online buddy realizes she's a Disneyland character now. Hmmm. Hey! I wonder if she is referring to me as a Disneyland character! I am more of a Goofy type character than a Princess, hahaha!

Looks like the sun is about to break through the clouds. Time to go out and find more puddles and mud!


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Can you take me to Disneyland too?

Another broken arm! We go back for x rays tomorrow. Another $150 cha ching!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

It must make you a little anxious for your daughter to have a medical emergency (even not a serious one) without you there. Letting go is hard!

Have fun at Disneyland--hopefully the crowds will be thin.

Wolfpak5 said...

Tell Katie that falling is my department. On the plus side falling only happens every 5 years, so she has that to look forward to. She is starting a bit early. Glad that all are doing fine.

Living With Cavemen said...

Poor Katie..I'd still like to hear the full story. You need to drag it out of that girl!

I told Lexie to go take a vacant desk at the Google headquarter and then maybe they'd eventually start paying her. I don't think she took my advice though.

I bet all that rain really makes you wish the deep freezing temperatures and snow.

Mary~Momathon said...

Lexie is working two jobs and not spending her every waking moment surfing on Google. When did you talk to her? And, no... the rain does not make me long for freezing cold temps and snow. Not one bit.