Monday, January 4, 2010

Moving Again, but not going anywhere

Another bedroom shuffle is in the works. We are preparing to move Baby Libby out of our room and into a shared room with her big sister. Problem is, Gracie's pink room is too small for two beds. We've had two beds in that room before and it just didn't work very well. So, Libby and Gracie will move into my sewing room (which is bigger than the pink bedroom).

When I was moving Gracie out of our room I wanted to put her into the room where she and Libby are now going. This room is the biggest of the two bedrooms and it is a straight shot from my room making it easy to check on Gracie. Plus, the larger room has a very nice window and catches the morning sun. But, I was outvoted. Not sure how my vote counts less than my husband's vote but it always does. He wanted her in the smaller room around the corner. He won the location; I won the color. Much to his disgust, I painted the room pink!

Gracie loves her pink room. She always calls it "My Pink Room". She's not going to be happy to have to give up her pink walls. I have a feeling I will be buying pink paint again before too long.

The little girls will share the pale dull green room. The pink room will become a reading library/guest room, and my sewing area is going back into the far corner of the master bedroom again.

The moving begins!

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Michelle said...

Good luck with the move :) That's one thing I'm glad I don't have to worry about. Everyone is whre they will be. Although I could use the organization that the move requires. Hmmm....