Saturday, January 9, 2010

Stroller Fleet: Down By One

Stroller parking in my garage just got easier. I sold my Peg Perego Twin Aria side by side stroller this morning. Ah, I shall miss it dearly! The fleet only has four strollers now, which hardly qualifies it as a fleet of strollers. Now it's just a collection, a small collection.

I bought it for $75 on Craigslist and sold it on Craigslist too. It was funny when I bought it because when I showed up to the seller's home to get it, the seller turned out to be one of the baby group mommies! Funny to meet up with your friends like that.

As much as I liked it, I didn't really use that stroller much anyway. I used it sometimes, but I prefer the bigger Graco Quatro Duo which seats the kids one in front of the other. I actually like having them side by side, but the Graco has better storage and lots of cupholders. It's much sturdier too. I only used the side by side for quick trips; for that type of use, I can use a single stroller and make the big kid walk.

Gracie is almost four years old and her legs go all the way up to her neck! The days of pushing two kids in a stroller are coming to a close. Together they weigh 60 pounds! I'm sure I won't keep the Graco much longer either.

I got $50 for my stroller and I turned it around and bought something else for the kids. I didn't come out even, eh, close enough. I think we'll get a lot more use out of this thing than the stroller! This was a Craigslist bargain at $100!

PS - yes, it's January and my kids are barefoot!


Shelley said...

The jungle gym looks like a lot more fun than a fifth stroller! ;) I do know how you love your strollers, so wtg on paring down by one. That is definitely a bargain for $100. I tried to find a playhouse on CL when we still lived in AZ, and everything I found was either too expensive, or crap.

Alicia said...

That was an awesome deal for $100! I sold my smaller one before we moved for $250!! And it was just the taller half of what you have right now!! AWESOME!!! Deals are amazing!

Michelle said...

You had to rub in the bare feet thing, didn't you? *sigh* I need to do more with Craigslist. It's such a great place!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

I think I need to move a little farther south!! Although I do have bare feet in the house right now ;o)

I love the girls expressions in the stroller lol.

Kate said...

Craigslist is the best! I love that the girls are barefoot. I'm currently jealous as we're going through an unseasonably cold spell--we actually had a few continuous days below freezing.