Monday, March 15, 2010

New Glasses Arrived!

Yay! I can see! I ordered three pair of prescription glasses online at for nothing more than chump change. They arrived a few days ago and I'm so excited!

Of course, now that I have them, EyeBuyDirect is having a buy one get one free sale. My timing is always wonderful like that. You can still take advantage of it, but I feel kind of weird ordering two more pair. I think. Well, maybe I should. Would two more pair be too many? Hmmmm....

Here are my new glasses. As you can see, I'm favoring the small squarish style frame lately. I just cannot get into the big giant round googley eyed sunglasses that are popular right now. They are so froggy looking on me.

If my head was shaped like a pretzel, I could wear my old pair. These are only a year old but they did not survive a recent tangle with a toddler. My sunglasses met the same fate on the same day. Sigh.

Yay! I can see!!!!


Wolfpak5 said...

Glad to hear that your new glasses arrived. I got a call from my eye doctor and I'm ready for a check up. Putting that on the back burner for now.

Michelle said...

Oh rock on. I have the "order new glasses from Mary's website" on my to-do list but haven't done it yet. I'm glad I procrastinated as I want different regular glasses AND a pair of sunglasses (though with my luck, maybe I should just get two new sunglasses...). Are you still thrilled with them? And how did you figure out the width of the frame you needed and all those other details? Do they work?

PS I want a pic of them on you :)