Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sew All Night

Gracie commanded me to "Sew all night, Mom". I've got my orders! Her plan was this, "Sew all night and tomorrow we can go to Disneyland!" She must think I've got more energy than a firecracker. I'm not exactly that vivacious.

Last spring I bought some fabric to make Gracie a flower girl dress for her big sister's wedding. Got home with it and the bride informed me that the fabric was not mermaid blue, it was pool blue! Duh! So, this lovely pool blue fabric has been sitting around hoping for a future as something pretty. I finally decided what I could make with it. And I sifted through my patterns to find pieces of this or that and get the project started. The fabric will become:

Princess Jasmine! She wears pool blue pants and skimpy little top with beads. Frankly, I'm really tired of her Sleeping Beauty dress. Gracie could use a new princess costume.

Gracie got so excited when I told her what I was making that she demanded I work hard and sew it right now. Sew all night! Then, she can wear it in the morning and we'll go to Disneyland.

I let her watch me smooth out the fabric, lay out the pattern and cut out the pieces. I have enough fabric so that both girls get a Princess Jasmine outfit. The fabric is a light satin and I have some matching sheer beaded organza. Should be very pretty when the costumes are done, but these aren't my favorite fabrics to work with. In fact, they might be frustrating in the machine. Two Jasmine pants, two Jasmine tops, two fabrics... cutting took me over an hour. Gracie fell asleep supervising the cutting process.

She also needs the headband and necklace with a big blue jewel on it.

I hope I'm not in big trouble when she wakes up (which should be any minute now) and the Princess Jasmine outfit isn't done yet. It's just a pile of funny cut pieces! Guess what my little slave-driver will be demanding that I do today; I'll bet she will make sure I get in a lot of good sewing time this afternoon.


Mom Taxi Julie said...

LOL too cute!

Michelle said...

Oh that is so cool. I'm always impressed by people who can sew. And what a great incentive to get back to Disney soon ;) I can't wait to see what they look like on the girls!