Friday, April 16, 2010

365 Birthdays per year!

"It's my birfday aday. I'm turning 4." This is what I hear Gracie telling everyone, everyday. Anyone and everyone. Nobody escapes the announcement. Just one little problem... aside from talking to strangers... it's not quite true. A wee bit misleading. Yes, she had a birthday. Yes, she turned four. But, not today.

Most of the time, I just let her tell people that it's her birthday. They usually respond with "Happy Birthday!" and that's that. No harm done.

Today I took my three daughters out to lunch at Red Robin. Oh, so good! And Gracie announced to the waiter that it's her birfday with her usual flair. He just said that was nice, no big deal. When we finished eating, I asked for a to-go box and next thing you know our table is surrounded by clapping waiters singing Happy Birthday to Gracie! She got a free birthday sundae too!

Apparently, every birthday needs a celebration. Even today's unofficial birfday.


Mmom said...

Are you sure this little con artist is only 4. I love her ingenuity. That's our girl!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

LOL that girl knows how to work it!