Monday, April 19, 2010

Noddy is not Naughty

We were watching a little preschool program on PBS called "Noddy". He's a little wooden boy who lives in Toyland. I think he might be British, not sure, but the next cartoon is Kipper and he's a British dog. No mistaking Kipper as anything but British!

Noddy drives a taxi around Toytown along with his sidekick, Bumpy the dog. The mutt barks incessantly! The other characters are pretty cute. Noddy is adorable.

Anyway, we were watching Noddy and his yapping tail wagger when my 4 yr old says, "He's a bad boy."

I said, "Who?"

"The naughty boy"

"Naughty? Noddy? Oh, Noddy isn't naughty!"

Wait, that sounded confusing. Why on earth did they name the wooden kid Noddy anyway? Wonder whose idea that was? The more I try to tell her that Noddy is not naughty, the more she looks at me like I'm nuts.

"They said he's naughty"

Oh, she's got me there. They call him Noddy countless times in the 15 - 20 minutes cartoon. PBS, what is going on with you people? Why did you call the kid Noddy? That was just naughty!

Wonder what Kipper is up to today?

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Wolfpak5 said...

That is British humor for you.