Sunday, April 18, 2010

Disneyland or Taxes

The girls and I escaped to Disneyland on Tax Day. Keith stayed home to do our taxes and we didn't want any part of that! We gave him a nice quiet house so he could argue with Uncle Sam without interruption. He also had papers to grade, lesson plans to write and other work. Good thing he took the day off!

We were approaching Disneyland on Ball Road, about a mile to go when Libby pointed to the road in front of us, gasped, squealed, clapped and said "Yay!" She was bouncing and smiling in her carseat, waving her little arms! She knows! How does a 19 month old know the road to Disneyland? This makes me feel good knowing her days at Disneyland are wonderful enough for her to take notice of the route.

Honestly, Disneyland smells great! The parking structure, eh, smells like exhaust. Cough. Cough. But then you get into the Happiest Place on Earth and the wonderful scents are everywhere! Breathing deep at Disneyland makes my heart and soul very happy! Main Street smells like candy and cookies and wonderful unimaginable sweets. Do not arrive hungry! The rides have smells in them too. In the Caterpillar ride you can smell watermelon and cookies. Sweet! And the best: Disneyland flowers! Oh the landscaping is not only beautiful but very fragrant. It is so nice to walk around and breathe deep. So good for the heart and soul when you fill your lungs with the best perfumes in Southern California!

The girls wore their Princess Jasmine outfits again. I let a friend borrow Libby's Snow White and Sleeping Beauty dresses and we don't have them back yet, so Libby only had one costume. Gracie wanted to wear it anyway, so it worked out very nicely.

In fact, the Jasmine costumes were perfect for the day! We saw Princess Jasmine three times! First we saw her at the Princess Faire along with Belle and Tiana. Then while we were in the Tiki Room, she must have gone to get Aladdin and we saw them both just outside of the Tiki Room. Two Jasmine hugs! Twice the fun! (Shhh, don't tell the girls there were two different Jasmines) Then we went to California Adventure to see the Aladdin show and guess what - Aladdin and Jasmine were there too! They had to be there, they were in the show.

The Aladdin Show was amazing! And because the girls were so adorable in their costumes, the gate attendant said to me, "If you take them out of the stroller we'll park it for you and you can follow me. Little Jasmine, would you please carry the lamp? Be careful, the Genie is inside!" So we followed her to the VIP seating line which was very short. We should have been in the mile long line for the door like everyone else. Gracie gave up the lamp and we got to go right into the theater and choose any seat we wanted. After about 20 minutes, the handicapped people came in and then the mob. The show was awesome! They are ending this show in August, so if you haven't seen it, hurry!

As always, we left happy and exhausted. When we got home, the taxes were filed, Domino's Pizza on the table and my husband poured me a cold beer. What a magical day!


Mom Taxi Julie said...

How cool that she got to carry the lamp! :O)

Wolfpak5 said...

I spent tax day sitting in a conference in Helena. I want a tax day where I can go to Disneyland.