Wednesday, April 16, 2008


o. m. g. I am sick again! 2008 must be the year of the germ or something.

Last weekend my little bitty princess was sick. She ran a fever for three days and she was nothing but snot. She wouldn't eat, but she did drink plenty of juice. She was sneezing and coughing and stuck to me like glue. She loves me very much and she would get right up in my face and then sneeze. Now how am I gonna dodge those bullets?

She is fine now, but I'm more miserable than I have been in ages. This one hit me hard. I have missed a lot of school this week - which I totally cannot afford to do. I tried to go yesterday but ended up walking out of class and then I just went home.

Today I'm hurling too. Yup. That just adds joy to my stuffy and runny nose, totally congested sinuses, headache, burning eyes, pale, feverish and a sore throat. Being all lovely preggo... I can't take anything that actually works for this congestion. And I can't hear you. I think my ears are full of snot too.

Don't you think pregnant women should get to take double doses of the good drugs? What is this lame "sudafed and tylenol only" bs. And "try half a dose". My ass. I am eating for two why can't I take drugs for two? Makes sense to me!

One of these days, I'm going to write a happy blog post. I'm determined! I will be healthy and happy one day in 2008! And I will mark that day on my calendar, celebrate and write about it in my blog!!!


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Struck down just when the motivation returned! Drat.

I hope you feel better soon.

Steve and Alicia said...

it sucks being sick alone and then top it with everything else that you are doing! AHHHHH!!!!!

hang in there. This too will pass and school is one day closer to being over!!

Living With Cavemen said...

Lots of hot showers, chicken soup, & rest.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Michelle said...

Feel better soon, and ditto on the chicken noodle soup!

Oh, and if it gets bad, you CAN take Z-pack when you are pregnant. I had the nastiest sinus infection when I was pregnant with one of my two (sad that I don't remember now, although I think it was Little Miss), and that was what the doctor prescribed.

Good luck -- and rest up!

onthegomom said...

Oh best of luck to you, I hope you feel better soon. It sounds miserable!!!

desirae said...

ughh.. I hope you start to feel better soon.. My suggestion.. Drink a gallon of orange juice in a day.. I swear it always works for me.. I do it right as I start to feel sick, and it Almost never feels.. I agree with you about how you should be able to take a double dose of drugs.. lol.. It makes perfect sense.. Or at least you should get an adult dose and a child size dose..

desirae said...

Oops I put feels, when I meant to put fails.. (I'm doped up with Vicodin.. I got some teeth pulled.. Maybe you could go to the dentist and get some teeth pulled and they would give you vicodin.. lol..) Of course then you would be missing teeth, sick, and groggy from the pain medication, and pregnant.. Maybe that's not such a good idea..