Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Whole Story - No Foolin'!

Once upon a time…..

Mary and her husband celebrated the New Year!
They thought 2008 would be a GREAT year! So they tucked their three sweet girls in bed and cheered and danced to ring in the new year!

Dancing Girl

Late into the night, they started to see stars in one another’s eyes…
Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart
One spark led to another

Heart Red Hot Monogamy! Heart Red Hot Monogamy! Heart Red Hot Monogamy! Heart Red Hot Monogamy! Heart

They had a great time and said a special prayer Pray and hoped for a great 2008!

During the wee hours of the night…. One little swimmer kept on swimming!

One day, Mary said to Keith…. “Honey, AF didn’t stop by for her scheduled visit”
Keith raised on eyebrow, winked and gave a sly little smile. Wink

Mary ran to Target for a test. Better get a double pack so I don’t have to come back.
(Mary has a history of doubting the first test).

What’s this we see? BFP Could it be? More pee! BFP Whoooopeeee!!!!

Keith and Mary dance and cheer! This is going to be a Great Year!!!
Dancing Girl

Since the BFP, Mary went to the doctor…. 4 times! Pregnant Bloodwork, ultrasounds, pee in a cup, Oh My! Shock / EEK! Stand on the scale, fill out a hundred forms, sign here, sign there! Oh My! Shock / EEK!

The big sisters all squealed with joy! Hi5! Clapping The end of September will bring another little sibling to share the chores!

Now the time has come to share the wonderful news with family and friends. Workin' On The Comp... And this emoticon story is especially for Bonnie, Beth, Leah, Elizabeth, Jami and anyone else who didn't quite "get it". Princess Gracie was a bit too vague with her Tshirt so cute. Here is the full story with details to boot!



Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Congratulations! I don't understand it but I'm glad you're doing exactly what you want to do!

desirae said...

Loved it.. lol.. And I also like the tag.. Cletus the fetus.. any preference? Boy/Girl? A little prince amongst all those princessess? Congrats again!!!

Mary said...

No... no preference. We called all our kids Cletus the Fetus. Gracie was only called Cletus for a couple of weeks and then we found out her gender and we changed her "in utero" name to Claudina Wilhelmina.

We're kinda nutty like that!

Steve and Alicia said...

Mary you are gonna have so much fun! Being preggers in the summer isn't all that bad. My first baby was born in sept. Can I place my bet on my b-day (14th) or Ben's (20th). When does that betting pool start???

Congrats!! I can't wait for all of the updates that are soon to follow!!

Mary said...

Awww, Alicia, I would be honored if my little peanut shared a birthday with Ben. But I've never delivered early. Katie was a week late, Lexie almost 2 weeks, and Gracie was right on the due date. Trust me, I wouldn't argue for 5 days early!

Manic Mom said...


Adorable poem!!!!!!


Shelley said...

Such a cute little poem! Like Jenn...don't understand it, but happy for you. :)

Oh, and anyone who thinks that being in the third trimester in the summer doesn't completely suck balls, must not live in Arizona. Just sayin'. :) Kylie was born Sept. 3rd.

None of my kids ever wanted to come out either. We seem to have so much in common, Mary. Except after my scheduled C with #3, they tied my tubes, so I won't be following suit in this particular situation. ;)

Michelle said...

I had an Aug 1 baby, and while being pregnant in the summer was *not* fun, the biggest (and longest standing) issue is getting a doctor's appointment for her physical. All the procrastinators mean I have to schedule months in advance to ensure we get our back to school physical that we couldn't legally get earlier! Don't ask about trying to get her into the doctor at 3 days old to check her jaundice -- let's just say we switched pediatricians shortly thereafter!

Steve and Alicia said...

hey mary!! just had a thought...now you get to do even MORE STROLLER shopping. You will have to look at the sit n stand ones, doubles, and more!! What fun!!

I know that has to make your day!!

Mary said...

I'll need at least three more strollers, right?

onthegomom said...

Congrats!!!! How exciting for you and your family! My son is a September baby, the 21st!! :-)