Sunday, September 28, 2008

Grandma is Coming! Aunt Patty too!

My mother and my sister will be here in one week! Yippee! I'm so happy they are coming. We're all getting excited for their visit. All of us except the unborn child. She's still thinking she has all the time in the world.

My mom has lots of plans while she is here. She wants to go laptop shopping with my husband. Her plans are to spend an entire day dragging him along from one computer store to another looking for the perfect laptop. After she compares, decides and purchases one... she plans to have him set it up, transfer her files over from her old computer (which she is bringing along) and teach her how to use the new lappy. That could burn up another day.

Little does she know, but her new laptop is already purchased, it's here, and ready to go! Her son-in-law is one step ahead of her! Rather than have her freaking out for a week wondering what he got, is it what she wants, etc, we aren't going to tell her until she gets here. That way there are a lot fewer questions on her mind until she gets here.

She'd like to spend a day in San Diego. Visiting relatives. And probably having lunch and doing a bit of shopping. As well as dipping her toes in the sand and feeling the sea breeze.

Then, she wants to head to the northern edge of Los Angeles to visit my nephew. Of course, my sister will be going too, my nephew is her son. He's been married for a year now and they want to take him and his bride out for lunch and have a nice fun day with them while they are out this way.

My teens have plans to get in some quality girl time with their Gramma and Auntie. There goes another day! They want lunch and a mani/pedi session. Gramma doesn't know about this either. We're all pretty sure she will turn down a pedicure quicker than you can say "pedicure". We all think if it is thrust upon her, she will give in and do it, and she will enjoy it too!

So, I asked my mom.... "Will you be stopping in to see me while you are here?" She says it is quite possible! I am looking forward to seeing my mom and sister in passing while they are here visiting the area.... Actually, I did talk them into staying here at the house instead of a motel, so I will get to see them as they come and go.

I wonder how they'll feel about taking a lively toddler with them everywhere they go? hee hee hee


Wolfpak5 said...

I personally wouldn't mind taking a toddler with me. It will be fun, that way I can spoil the toddler rotten. Getting a pedi/mani sounds like fun to me too with the older set. This week can't go by soon enough. Just hope the little one is here.

Kayla W said...

You're still pregnant?! Hurry up, baby!

I'm sending you happy labour vibes so that you don't have to deal with pitocin again. Ick, ick, ick.

GO BABY GO! Eat some pineapple. Worked for me!