Friday, September 12, 2008

Ready to Burst!

Well, I'm ready. Anyone else?

I'm done shopping; I can't even invent something in my mind to shop for. Stocked up on groceries, incidentals, diapers, wipes, paper plates and convenience items. Cleared the camera cards and charged the batteries. Packed my hospital bag. Washed everything. Set up the changing table. Installed the carseat. Really, I've run out of things to prepare!

Also, got my pedicure and had a prenatal massage. Ate pineapple. Had some spicy food. Drove over speed bumps trying to shake the kid out. So far.... I'm the only one who is ready I guess. There is a full moon on the 15th, I'll be out all night with my belly aimed at the moon, catching some full moon beams. Maybe that'll do it.

I'm ready to burst! But, still waiting.

While I'm waiting, I have been going to college. Ugh, why am I doing this? My class read one novel, I read 2 chapters. We have a paper due next week. I'm working on it. I don't fit in the student desk anymore. I moved over to the handicapped desk. It's a table and office chair off in the corner of the room. I have to park a mile away from my classroom. That is the hardest part about going, waddling from the parking lot. Quack. Quack. Just call me Jemimah Puddle Duck. I waddle just like her!

I hope my next post is a birth announcement!


Kate said...

I'm hoping the baby comes soon!

Give yourself a break about school--you probably actually read more than half the class. ;)

desirae said...

I have been thinking that you were probably in labor.. Every day, I check on here (ok.. In all honesty I check more than once...) thinking, today is the day she announces the baby (and the name.)... I hope you are feeling good.. And aren't weeping to hard that the baby has decided to live in your womb until it's 33 (that's what I thought with both my kids.. Because I was soo over it, and they just wouldn't get out.. Umm.. I mean be born.. lol.)

Memarie Lane said...

Heck yeah, I'm ready. Haven't got my pedicure yet though. I thought I was the only one that included that as a part of my pre-labor routine, LOL! It's something I've looked forward to each time.

Wolfpak5 said...

She needs to be here before I come visit. Spoke to Charlotte this morning and she said to have her on the 27th. That's her and Charlenes big day.

Alicia said...

oh mary...hang in there! you are almost done!!! tomorrow would be great! It's my birthday.

Oh i have a good laugh for you on my blog. well probably not a laugh, but we are laughing now. just go look!! i will await your comment!!

i can't wait to see your next little girl! you are much braver and cooler than me.

Michelle said...

You do realize that the problem is that you're prepared, right? Go unpack that hospital bag. Seriously. It works. Just remember what all was in it and where you put it, of course!