Monday, September 1, 2008

Potty Party!

She did it!!! Little Miss Stubborn Pants peed in her potty chair!!!! crazy excited crazy excited crazy excited

She woke up this morning in a dry diaper and screaming for it OFF!!! She wanted Tinkerbell panties. Ugh. I'm so not in the mood for this crap today. After half an hour of kicking and screaming for her panties, I decided to give her a chance and I put panties on her. This is at 9am.

11am. She finally pees. On the couch!!!! Pulling My Hair Out!!!

She pitches another fit over the diaper. She wants tinkerbell panties. omg I'm not gonna make it through the day with this child.

Fine. Panties. Try again.

1pm.... she is standing in a little wet spot on the carpet in my room and she yells "Towel Towel! Mommy Towel!" Mommy says "Gracie RUN!!!" I grab her little hand and we run for the potty chair and I just sat her on it, panties and all.



Tinkle. Tinkle. Tinkle. Little look of surprise.

And YAY! She did it! She peed in her potty! We clapped and cheered and kissed and hugged and had a little celebration! Then I wiped off her legs and got those soaking wet panties off of her and let her put on Ariel panties. We dumped her pee in the big toilet and flushed and cheered some more. Went and got hugs and kisses from Daddy too.

Now I"m just waiting to see what she pees on next.


Memarie Lane said...

Congratulations! Jessamine has been potty trained for awhile, but still pees her pants often at home. She NEVER pees her pants when we go somewhere, but always does at home. I don't get it.

Potty training Max was full-out warfare that lasted over two years. I hope this next one trains like her sister did.

Kate said...

Congratulations, Princess Gracie!

Wolfpak5 said...

Congrats Gracie! Keep up the good work, your Mom is counting on you for this big girl stuff before your baby sister comes to visit. See you in a month.

Miriam said...


mine has started sitting on the potty and then asking for a diaper to pee in. *shake*

Michelle said...

Congrats -- I think!

I so don't envy you when it comes time to get the poops into the potty. Suffice it to say that my husband recently thought bribing my daughter to poop by using taffy was a good idea. HA HA HA HA HA!

desirae said...

yah!!!! Good job Gracie!!!! Potty training is a pain in the behind.. I sympathize with you.. Lets hope it sticks, and it will be one thing to mark off the to do list.. Whoo-hoo.. (I'm seeing the potty dance from Look who's talking.. lol.)

Alicia said...

Yippie Gracie!! I can't wait for that day!! We are going to try again after this cast comes off of Ruby's arm. I only want one in diapers.

Ps. how are things going with the new princess?? is she coming soon??

Alicia said...

hey mary!!

haven't had an update in awhile. how are things going?? had that baby yet?? or are you so busy with school you leave us bloggers in need?? j/k. I am giving you a hard time.

Hope you are having a great day!!